Days in Sydney

Days In Sydney + Kor's Birthday

looking at the overcast sky this afternoon, and considering the major migraine i suffered from the previous night. I've decided to take on a rather lazy approach today. Bombard the post with photo after photo.. with less of my senseless ramblings of course. Enjoy.

today's day journey started of with a road trip down the southern coastal drive leading to the Grand Pacific Drive.

First stop, Royal National Park.

With its beautiful beaches surrounded by greenery, gorgeous waterfalls and immaculate rock formations carved out of stone. This place was a peaceful haven.

The travelling companions for day included the energiser Jemima, the birthday boy Weiyong, best travelling companion Cheryl and the flat out battery, me.

Kor and friend had endured a 12 hour bus ride from Melbourne to Sydney in a bid to do a little touring during their short stay here. Hence, they were more then willing to hop on the car when we told them about our plans to explore the south all the way down to Kiama.

Royal National Park was along the way with our trip down Grand Pacific Drive. An excellent place for a stop over offering spectacular views and steep cliffs overlooking the atlantic ocean. One could just sit on the perilious limestone cliffs and look down at the sea of foam gathering with the slooshing of the waves as they collide head on with the usual, someone just had to do something of my favourite shots of the beach with the grey skies overcast in the distant. The atmosphere with a thin layer of yellow in the distant. I wonder what was the cause of this discoloration and i find it somewhat disturbing.from the lookout point, this is what the grand pacific drive looked like. A windy highway following the coastline. Looked like something out of a commercial. oh yesh, forgot to mention, we met this couple going out on a drive in their BMW convertible. Weren't we shocked to find out that it was the guy's birthday. what a coincidence. But how cool is that? renting a convertible on a your birthday for a southern coastal drive. hehe.

After many stop overs including lunch at a small town along the way down. We finaly managed to reach Kiama. At a good time too since we had lots of daylight to look around the city and the natural sightings there.

First we ventured down to the Kiama Blowhole which frankly was quite pathetic, hence the absence of photos. But then again, I reckon we catched it at the wrong time. Would have been better at high tide.. hmph. Consolation, the rocks around Kiama were extremely fun to walk/jump/hop around. There were a few men around the region fishing as well, i wonder how are they able to catch any fishes over there were the currents are so strong.more blue skies and a failed attempt at taking a group photo. hah.Next, we ventured to the cathedrale rocks. With the setting sun behind us, the beach turned from a pristine white to a subtle warmer color amplified by the soft glow of the sun. Everything looked so charming under this light. Anyone could fall in love... *snaps out of it*. WHAT? pardon me.. but to tell the truth the beach was gorgeous. Just take a look...and finally as the sun took its finally bow, we headed back in contentment at the day's activities. Driving back from Kiama through a inter-weaving wave of highways, expressways and drives. It was a challenging task without a doubt driving without the use of a gps nor inthe absence of daylight. In the end, we made it back safe and sound in Sydney.

Since it was Kor's Birthday, we decided to have a little something better to eat. So we headed on down to a German/Austrian bistro called Una that Cheryl recommended. The food was good, portion wise, gargantuan. In fact, 2 people could have shared one and still be stuffed. I had their cordon bleu which stuffed with gruyere cheese and ham took me to the stars. The cheese, oozing out of its lovely lair within the rolled pork was savoury, fluid and very viscous. Without a doubt, the best cordon blue i had ever tasted. and trust me, i was stuffed.

To satisfy our sweet tooths, we took a leisurely stroll down to darling harbor to get our hands on some premier chocolate! finally! the Lindt Chocolate Cafe! I had to have their Dark Hot chocolate!
The girls had their ice-creams and Kor asked for an Opera Cake. We took the liberty to get candles from the staff (pretty gold and silver candles!!!) and pulled a surprise on him. hehe. After a quick birthday song and some wishes, we were soon chomping away happily on our chocolate goodies.
The Opera cake was gorgeous. With each and every layer expertly flavored and pulling so much character. It was presumably the best opera i've ever eaten. So much for two best... foods i've eaten today. My stomach had no complaints.

The dark hot chocolate was delicious! but i reckon the milk could have been a bit warmer. Perhaps the cold temperatures around just made the drinking experience deprove a little since it made the chocolate and milk cool at such rapid temperatures that one couldn't sip at it appreciatively. *sigh*

Still, it was a good day... following a sucession of good days with many more to come.

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