Post-Exam Weekend


and so spunned a whole mass of activities after the cruel examinations. The weekend had finally drew to a close and i breathed a sigh of relief. Though i did wish for freedom, my idea of it was just lazing around the house, stepping into the kitchen for some lazy bakes, yet this weekend was more like a crazy nonstop adventure leading to one casulty.. me.. *groanz*. the runny nose and throbbing headache is such an ass.

the weekend began with some baking a orders to fulfill. Little cupcake faces that put a smile to my face of course. Then there was the rushed delivery and lunch before collecting our tickets for the play 'the office party' at the DBS arts centre. Firstly, i must say that the chairs were really uncomfortable. But with an adoring cast starring the likes of Jason Chan, Wendy Kweh and Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie; the play was absolutely engaging with naughty lines, absolutely saucey scenes and heartfelt emotions. Definitely a play suitable for the christmas season.

Then it was back home with the church members for youth fellowship. That went pretty well of course under the leadership of my cousin Velda. next, swoosh.. we were off to Da-yi-ma's residence for some early christmas carolling and 'inspection' of the in-in-laws. haha. All in good will of course, Though i must admit we were a little bit too kay-po. haha.

The following day, it was off to Malaysia with babe and his family plus cousins. mostly a road trip to Desaru, we stopped over for some fantastic seafood. Yumz.. the lobsters were gorgeously succulent, its no wonder people would actually travel up just for a meal. A huge THANK YOU going out to Babe and his family for their hospitality and the gifts!

With 3 pills swimming around my system now, I'm just praying that I'll wake up feeling all better the next morning. Signing out...

looking forward to more HGW food tastings and cake sessions with the usual suspects this coming week. Not to mention all the weddings.. yikes...

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