so far

So Far

Just lugged my heavy-ass car back into the carpark after a roundtrip drive to Babe's house to pass him back his handphone that he left at my house. It was mostly a silent drive, despite the blasting music in the background to keep whatever that's left of my live brain matter circulating, I was empty inside. Emotionally and mentally drained. Isn't there someone to rescue me from my dire state of mind?

Had the pleasure of speaking to a few individuals these past days who had aspirations and dreams of setting up their cafes some day. Some of them with the intentions of throwing me part of the web. These small talks all happened in a single day. One of them being a very satisfied customer of mine who was interested in the prospects of a future business. I was in awe to think that so many were holding the same thought as me. Perhaps it ain't such a good thing after all seeing that they might become potential rivals. But then again, a part of my interest that had been slightly stagnant in the recent months was stirred up again. Like a flurry of emotions and explosion of goose feathers from a torn pillow case..i was suddenly set thinking about what I really wanted in life. Suddenly, some aspects that i held highly were reduced to dust. I think i'm lost again...

With an exam looming ahead tmr and a food tasting(courtesy of hungrygowhere again) session at curry favor on thurs and the dessert hunts the next 2 fridays with my beloved foodies. I'm excited, yet pretty worn out from it all.

Right now, I've got to focus. Meanwhile, here's a song, written and sang originally by Chelsea Lee. a beautiful number called 'so far'. Enjoy...

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