of songs and awards

a tale of songs and awards...

For those who enter this blog (hopefully with you sound system on); I'm sure you'll be greeted with music of some sorts. Irritating to some, melodious to some. If you belong to the latter, then do please feel free to shutoff the music whilst you read on.

For me, laying these songs on my site is just a way of expressing my feelings at the moment. An outlet for me to share some of my favourite songs with my readers. And presently, we've got several new songs added to the ever-changing collection. One of my favourites, is 1,2,3,4 sung by the Plain White T's; a song introduced to me by Charles (psss.. THANKS!) Though suffering from a slight cheesiness when it comes to song lyrics, it still passes off as sweet and innocent after while. And definitely make for easy listening. Another song that I love is John Mayer's Gravity. Again another song that is perfect for those sleepless nights. With beautiful lyrics that seem to amplify every part of my life at present. So I hope you guys enjoy the music! Do leave your comments if you do or if you have any favorite songs for those sleepless nights.

Meanwhile, I've recieved another blog award! *woots*..

given to me by my dearest friend and fellow TWD blogger Michelle of
Flourchild. Thanks dear! and to play along.. guess I've got no choice but to answer these questions.

Darn.. and i never knew these could stump me!

7 things I say most Often

  1. I'm tired
  2. Cool Bengs!
  3. I love you
  4. I want to bake!
  5. I can't find my...
  6. Stop it!
  7. Where are we going?

7 things I did before
  1. Scaled the highest peak in Peninsula Malaysia and got struck by lightning
  2. Played hockey for my school team
  3. Participated in 2 bake sales
  4. sleep walked to my brother's room and pee-ed on the chair (thinking that it was a toilet bowl)
  5. Fired a GPMG and threw a grenade (no..i'm not terrorist..)
  6. Ran for money (my dad paid me when i was 11 yrs old to run 1.6km under 8mins)
  7. Toured the Great Ocean Road (Australia)

7 things I do now

  1. Get into a frenzy over upcoming exams
  2. Bake some more despite the exams. order..bah!
  3. Go for food tasting sessions and search for the best dessert places
  4. Dream about a better future
  5. Blog
  6. Bitch about school to my boyfriend
  7. Sing aloud to songs on the radio

7 things I want to do

  1. Take up photography and get a better camera
  2. Plan for Xmas desserts
  3. Attend Le Cordin Bleu
  4. Sky dive
  5. Go for a makeover
  6. Be with him
  7. Be happy

7 things that attract me about the opposite sex

  1. Kindness
  2. A beautiful pair of eyes
  3. Behavior whilst amongst friends
  4. Love God, God fearing
  5. Honesty
  6. Sincerity
  7. A big strong chest
7 favorite foods

  1. Brinjal
  2. Cai poh with egg
  3. Green and Black's White Chocolate
  4. Preserved Olive Vegetables
  5. Carrot Cake (both american style and fried singaporean style)
  6. Japanese food!!!
  7. Butterscotch Peacn Ice Cream

7 4 people I want to pass this award to: (could only come up with 4.. gulp)

  1. Laura of She's Cookin Now!
  2. Jo of Sugar and Everything Nice
  3. Rachel of Sweet tarte
  4. Carlo and Carmella of The Food Duo

I just love reading their blogs! With all those recipes and delightful photographs. Betcha be hooked.

So to those I have tagged. Feel free to play along by copying and answering all the qns on your blog as well and Passing on the award to 7 more bloggers that you appreciate!


Laura said...

Wow - thanks! You just made my day :-) I'll play along, but like you, I'm going to have to really think about blogs to pass this on too. I think I've awarded all the blogs I read at least once!

Jo said...

Hi sihan, thanks for this award - my very 1st (if you can only see my grin right now). I'll pass this along but may not have 7 nominees, but I'll try. Have a great weekend!

SiHaN said...

laura: No problem lady! you deserved it anyway. Glad it made you smile! and yesh, these blog awards are being passed ard like mad. Hard to find someone who hasn't recieved one yet...

Jo: Congrats dear! you're very first award! *smilez*

Carmella said...

Thank you so much! This totally put a smile on my face!

Rachel said...

I just realized that I thanked you on my blog but not here! I was so so so excited to get this award! My first one! :)