Searching for Jet Boosters

Wild Rocket @ Mount Emily

Searching for Jet Boosters


and so began my journey in search of the most effective ways to reach for the stars. Stumbling upon an institution among the unusually quiet residences of Mt. Emily. Not far from there, the gleeful laughter of children indulging in carefree play floats thru the thick air. Beads of prespiration trickle down my back as i succumb to the melting heat of the mid-noon sun. The ground titilating to an aweful gradient as i trudged thru the garden. Yikes.. I had dread this experience.. walking from Little India was no mean feat. I mean.. we're talking about Wild Rocket @ Mt. Emily over here! oh no.. Spilt the beans too quickly...


With reservations under our belts, my dining companion and I strided confidently into the comfortable helms of the shop. Cool air streaming down from the air conditioning units above was a welcoming distraction to my bodily discomforts. But those were erased quickly as we sought thru the task of scanning the menus.

Ala Carte Set lunch @ $35 ... now that's a steal (considering that some of the mains are already priced at $32.50. haha). CHECK!

for starters, we chose the Pan-seared Tuna Rocket Salad with Light Ginger Dressing and the Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab with granny smith salad. These arrive sooner than later at our tables. A riot of colors and a splash of flavors across our yearning taste buds.


the soft shell crab was almost a star on its own, with the thought of having to blot the excess oil of the battered crabs being the least of our worries. The black pepper sauce was AWESOME, sweet, thick and immensely spicy all at the same time. The granny smith apples on the side (not so much what you would call a salad) were a good treat as they helped the douse the flames that had arisen from the spiciness of the black pepper. The pan-seared tuna on the other hand was delightful but not that big a deal. The salad dressing paying compliments to chicken rice, with tangy flavors of the ginger dressing lingering. The seared tuna was slightly 'un-fresh' as interpreted by the way the fish shredded as I dug my fork along the thin lining of fats.


And at rocket speeds(which the restaurant guarantees with its name like that), the mains were quick to arrive. The Crabmeat Linguine with Chilli Tomato Cream for me and the Braised Lemongrass Ginger Lamb Shank with Garlic Potato Mash for her. Both were delightful with the meat falling off the bone for her and the generous serving of crabmeat sprinkled like treasures across a desert for me. All is not a scene of perfection though as I felt the pasta was a little undercooked.. not al dente the way I liked it. But who's to complain.. with the sauce. a mix of cream, tomato and a mighty kick from the chilli flakes. I was practically wolfing down the dish.


Note to oneself: I think i still prefer the linguine al granchio from La Cantina @ Changi Village Hotel.

chilli flakes

And with the final stop of the day. We had our desserts...

evan's dessert

poor girl had such a tough time deciding between the list of fusion desserts. drawing her final conclusion at the Black Glutinous Rice with coconut icecream. This was a major disappointment though as the glutinous rice was still a little undercooked, a little hard and definitely flavorless, if not for the coconut icecream. Guess their attempts to recreate the pulot hitam in a glass had failed miserably..

My order of Chocolate Lava Gateau with Flambe Bananas was a hit though with the both of us. Though the resturant didn't proclaim of the use of any exquisite chocolate in its recipe (think Bakerzin Valrhona Chocolate); I felt that the former had managed a better rendition of this classic yet cliched dessert. The outsides significatly warm with a slightly spongy and airy texture was delightful in contrast to the warm flowy innards. The flambe bananas bearing the warm notes of caramelisation. I just smirked my way thru this one...

chocolatelava cake

Wild Rocket, It's seclusion and peaceful nature resonating thru from its surroundings is indeed its prized possession. Enjoy a slow walk down from the hill after a meal or share an intimate moment in the nearby park. This definitely marks a notch in my record books for being a romantic hot spot.


Wild Rocket @ Mount Emily

hangout hotel, 10a upper wilkie road. singapore 228119.

tel : 63399448



Anonymous said...

nice photos. why is it when you go out with us u never take photo! haha. this is your first time to wild rocket? i been there once, but just for desserts, haven try the food before. going up is a hassle, unless got car, or cab. yeah stroll down is definitely ro-man-tic. haha! which part of little india u all walk up from?

bossacafez said...

nice pics dear, very clear & sharp :D

Sihan said...

LIC: haha. you heard of the phrase 'too many cooks spoil the broth?' same same lar. haha. too many photographers.. think the pastries would go blind. haha.

and yeh! I've seen your post before. haha. I walked up (not strolled) from little india MRT across the road. was quite far lor.. especially in the sun. haha.

Perhaps you could consider trying their set lunches. Really bang for buck!

Evan: Thanks dearie! hehe. Must have been the good companionship that made the photos so much brighter and beautiful! hehe.

Fen said...

Wow, nice lunch outing... Sihan just have a different perspective of photos... Her photos are always so cheerful and bright... Nice write-up...

Who says girls outing can't be romantic...

Nice timing for the post since Valentine is round the corner... I am still wondering where to go... hehe...

Sihan said...

Fen: haha. cheerful it was. GUess the mid day sun did the food some justice in the photography department. hehe.

ANyway, you could consider this place for valentines day. me and babe will be giving all that mad rush a miss though. haah.