Tales of a Japanese maiden and the Italian Baker

Tales of the Japanese Maiden and the Italian Baker
randomousity amidst the achievements...

perla's pastry boutique + cupcakes + en japanese dining

Photos of the lovely dessert box I got from my mum's Japanese boss in return for baking linzer sables for him to bring back to his family upon request. Financiers, sables and many other buttery concoctions alike. This box lead to many smiles and jovious laughters...

Sunday lunch at En Japanese Dining Bar @ Bukit Timah with the family.
Food was exquisite and standards were high even for its lunch sets. The wide selection allowed for the picky taste buds at the table to be appeased. The lunch set (valued at $20++) included free flow of rice/ hot udon, chawanmushi, seared tuna, radish salad, pickles, miso soup and a choice of two dishes. I chose the grilled salmon and terriyaki chicken whilst most others at the table had the wafu beef. All were delicious of course with the beef recieving the largest shower of compliments. Glistering succulence certainly made it's way up the alley of my family's palate. The grilled salmon arrived at the table way above my expectations. Instead of the measly thin slice of salmon, a thick slab of pink fleshed salmon with crisp divine skin filled the void. I was stolen by the freshness of the catch and the perfect doneness of its interior.

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With that, En Japanese Dining Bar quickly earn a place as the place to go to for quality japanese food in my record books. If you guys are interested please do check out the restaurant and its other related outlets located at mohammad sultan road. (details are provided at the end of the post)

Next up, desserts from Perla's Pastry Boutique, sister shop to the infamous Valentino located at rifle range road. With a very excited mum in tow, we were quick to wipe out almost every item in the glass display case in an attempt to experience the sugar rush later on. Below are the dessert items we brought home, along with a pink box full of pastries and other bignes (mini puffs).


Verdict: The tiramisu is defintely the best I've ever had in Singapore. Quickly replacing the status of Galbati (rail mall). However, priced at $8.80 per cup, it seems a much higher price to pay. Nonethless, the amount of liquor and right constituency and texture to the entire dessert just makes it worthwhile. The chantilly cake.. that was definitely dreamy. Speaking of cream cakes, I never quite fancied one till i laid my eyes on this one. Being the signature cake of the pastry boutique, it had a large crown to fill in the taste test. And without a doubt, this dessert clearly emerged a winner. I was hooked. The light sponge cake soaked in rum and milk provided a soft and almost etheral finish to the custard and chocolate fillings within. The addition of white chocolate shavings made for contrast in textures between the monotany of the billowy soft cake. And as every spoonful melted in the mouth gently and almost gracious like a princess, I then came to realise why so many people had chosen this cake to be the cake for their special occasion. It was a blend of perfect harmony.. a happy thing after all...
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Last of all, the Torta Valentino, a chocolate cake with rum soaked raisins and dark chocolate ganache and chocolate cream. Definitely a must try for chocoholics. the chocolate ganache layer was to die for. plus the drunked raisin provided an interesting flavor to the entire makeup. I was enthralled by this one.. the box of pastries holding the mini puffs (bigne) , the cannocini and the very traditional cannoli siciliani were however not as good. Given that we had already feasted on some of the best cakes in my life, these were just mediocre. However, I must admit that the cream fillings for the bignes were excellent. More towards the rich custard fillings rather than cream. And the choux pastry was delicately soft and fresh tasting..
if only they had larger versions.. haha.

En Japanese Dining @ Bukit Timah

557 Bukit Timah Road, #01-14/16 Crown Centre
Tel: 6468 5710
Opening hours: 6pm - 12 midnight

Perla's Pastry Boutique

7 Jalan Bingka, Mayfair Park
Tel: 6462 2760
Opening hours: Tue-Sun: 12noon-3pm, 6pm-10.30pm
(closed on mondays)


bossacafez said...

gosh, the desserts look good (but actually i was more attracted to the bag, it looks so...laduree) lol. let's go there nx time!

and i'm so hungry after looking at the tempura & wafu steak!

Fen said...

Wow... Wagyu beef and lotsa desserts...

You are really enjoying life don't you...

Hmm... Jalan Bingka seems quite accessible to me... Maybe I should drop by too... Does Perla's Pastry Boutique has any eat-in?

Sihan said...

Evan: yeh the cake boxes they use are even nicer yar! haha. let me tell you.. the wafu beef is awesome! woops...

Fen: yeh.. its reallie quite accessble from the main road. opposite bukit timah plaza, you just take the shortcut route across the railway. Unfortunately, Perla doesn't have a dining in option unless you wanna eat mains next door then tts possible.