Quiet Time

Think Back on Yesterday.

First accomplishment of the year? For me, it was the fitful struggle as I scampered up the highest peak in Southeast Asia, Mount Kinabalu (Sabah) on the 1st of Jan'2009. Sometimes, on all fours even, with limbs stretched out to mimic the prowess of a 4WD yet to no avail. With the whistling of the passing winds rising over the granite slopes of the boulder topped mountain and nothing but the throbbing heart beat racing from exertion to interrupt, the silence resonating from the black lands stretched far beneath our feets was close to a deafening ordeal. Yet thru the numerous leg cramps and the fatigued muscles crying out for fresh oxygen with every single step, I had a new lease on life. Perhaps being a strong person in a weak body was to be my greatest challenge yet. But with anything, perserverance and effort would pay off. Endure.. i must.


Sadly.. there won't be any photos of my week long trip to Kota Kinabalu till the next post. This post however, a dedication to my dearest Ku-deh, Uncle Joe. Thank for allowing me to become part of your much anticipated book launch. The book 'Quiet Time'..needless to say, left me with a tingling sensation. A genuinly heartwarming experience acquired from the many intimate sessions the reader shares with the lead character. Despite its disturbing contents, the novel still manages to leave me tittering on the brink of hypnotisation as i sped through it.

buffet spread

Catering for Book Launch1

The book launch, under my Uncle's wishes were to have an intimate settings complete with a fine spread of desserts and sweet nothings. This I gave my best shot at, with a complete set of 10 assorted desserts ranging from cookies, tartlets, parfaits to miniature cupcakes. My favourites of the lot were definitely the Mango Cheesecake Parfait with Chocolate Cashew Cookie Crumbs and the miniature Midas Cups (chocolate caramel tartlets).


And despite the initial fears of not having enough food to deal with 50+ guests, I was left with the ordeal of having to clean up the left overs due to the onset of a smaller turnout than anticipated. *groanz*.. overall, It was an enriching experience, earning praises and suspicious 'thank-you's' from the guests including Ivan Heng! astounding..

Yet, despite the promising year to come, several things in my life had come to a stand still. Like a train derailed. There I was.. stuck.. marooned. And subconsciously, all alone...


karen said...

i don't get around to commenting much, but i just wanted you to know that your blog is one of the most interesting that i read. i always look forward to seeing what you're up to. congrats on your jan 1st 2009 accomplishment, that's amazing! by the way... love the mraz song.

ladyironchef said...

the first photo is nice! you didn't take any photos for yr kota kinabula trip? wasted leh!

SiHaN said...

Karen: Thank you so much dear for your generous compliments. Glad you do enjoy reading up about fragments of my life anyway and I'm more than glad to share with readers such as you! Your blog is pretty amazing urself!

LIC: I did take lar.. too many.. i don't know how to start on those. haah.