Dettol, Mopheads and a Birthday.

I never knew that moving house could be so much work.

Lets be frank... the last time I was 'involved' in such an toilsome task was at the tender age of 12. And I don't recall even the slightest bit of manual labor that was entrusted into my clumsy hands. Thank goodness for that. So that was it, the end of my shifting resume. So when the apartment that Ben and Gwen were residing in, reached its seams, chock full of goodies and gizmos galore, it was evidently time for an upgrade. And a grand one at that too.

So pardon my rather random and short entries as we enter a cleaning phase. At this point, you can hear my arms whine just a little.


a sneak-peak into the rather barren villa. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure it will fill up at an alarming rate soon. Cheers.


On a more joyous note, I would like to wish my dearest babe a Happy Birthday! From halfway across the world, I wish you could feel my warmest embrace.


I love you.

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