Shi Fu Korean BBQ: Meat Lovers Rejoice

Shi Fu sited below the bright florescent lights of the many KTVs located near peace centre, may not be the most attractive sight to wander into. The thick fumes of garlic laden smoke streaming out of the open doors, yet again another dampening factor. But Shi Fu Korean BBQ is the common's best Korean BBQ in a joggers mile. So karoke party revellers seeking something to chew on after a madhouse session, this would be your best bet!

The modestly furnished room is in accordance to the affordable pricing scheme of the establishment. Going as low as S$14++ on weekday lunches and S$22-24++ for dinners. If you think about it on the grand scheme of things, that's not too shabby a deal since you've pretty much an extensive palette of marinaded meats to choose from. Just try to tread lightly on the oil-slicked floors.

For those who aren't that carnivorous as I am, there are other various intriguing cooked-food options such as Pumpkin Mash, Kimchi, Salted egg crispy corn, Sushi and Sweet and Sour Pork to tantalize the taste buds. Grab a bowlful of the pickled radish to relieve the taste buds from the peppery buildups derived from the excellent spicy bean paste sauce on the side. I assure you, that's a cracker alongside the tyranny of barbequed meats.

From Chicken to pork, pork belly to sliced beef and beef tenderloin to seasoned beef ribs; Shi Fu Korean BBQ has got it covered. The winning factor is in their marinades and meat quality. This is comfort food, and you would be hard-pressed to find a better specimen at much more expensive Korean restaurants, that offer the additional service of cooking it for you. As soon as the meat hits the grill, the superlatives start flying fast and furious. 

My favorites by far would have to be the Seasoned Pork belly and Pork, it's exemplary marinate elevating its standards from the daily humdrum options for Korean BBQ.

Did I mention that they have soups too? Soups with grilled meats, beat that diet!

Drinks on free flow include the above, water chestnut, calamansi, lemon tea and a good ole Chinese tea to abet the protein laden diet. 

For the month of December, the Shi Fu folks have been kind enough to grant a 10% off on all regular prices for lunch/dinner for all days. Meaning that prices are slashed to just $19.80++ for weekday dinners and $21.80++ for weekends! Thinking of holding a large group gathering this festive season, this might just be a good place to consider, given it's affable pricing schemes and no-frills concept.

Shi Fu Korean BBQ
1 Sophia Road, 
Peace Centre
t: 6338 9522

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 11 30am - 5pm; 5 30pm - 11pm
Sat-Sun: 11 30am -11pm

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