Folks Collective: food that brings tears to your eyes.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I tucked into the food. Yes, so admittedly,  the food was good, but it was even spicier. 

Having quite a reputation as a drinking spot of sorts, we put the food at Folks Collective to the taste test.

The Grilled Pork Neck Salad ($10.90) packs quite a mean punch and had us gathering our skirts up in buckets of sweat and dirty whistling in between gulps of ice cold water. Sips on our house wines that came surprisingly cheap due to the festive promotions ($5.50 for a glass of NY Merlot/NY Sauvignon) did aid in putting out the fire. Putting its fury aside, the dish was nothing short of excellent, tender pork neck with a slight smoky tang, well balanced with a good splash of lime, crushed nuts and cool herbs. Heat seekers wouldn't want to miss out on this one.

One bite into the Signature FOLKS Wings ($6.90) revealed that bar snacks is Folk's Collective forte. The spicy notes again, part of an outrageously clever plan to up sell plenty more pints of ice cold draft beer. The wings were juicy, finger licking good with crisp heads of fried skin that shatters in the mouth. Shards of crispy fried garlic creates a separate party in the mouth.

For something a little more substantial, indulge in the Chicken Pad See-Eww ($8.90). Successfully sweet, wok-hei kissed bowl of noodles tantalises ones taste buds. A simple yet satisfying choice should you be thinking of just choosing a single dish to partake in.

A wonderful addition to the table is the Prawn Omelette ($10.90), So it may appear a bit underwhelming as the prawns are chopped to tiny pieces and then scattered midst the fluffy golden crackling of fried egg, but there are apparently advantages to this method as the distribution of prawns is more even and there was zero risk of overcooked prawns. 

Offering affordable cuisine with the combination of a chill out environment, Folks Collective has got all the right qualities to draw in the crowds and I'm sure I'll be back to sample more dishes in the near future.

Folks Collective
20 Cross Street
#01-25 China Square Central

Opening Hours: 
Mon - Fri: 11am - 11pm
Sat: 12 pm - 11pm

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