Joe & Dough:Perfect for the Average Joe

When I first received the invite to sample Joe & Dough's Christmas offerings (I know this post came in a little late), I was ecstatic. Those who know me well would understand my undying love for bread and coffee, hence it was easy to understand my buzzing enthusiasm.

Founded in 2009, Joe & Dough has been slowly extending it's empire, spanning across the island in very strategic locations, for example, Kallang Leisure Park, Milennia Walk, Golden Shoe, Orchard Gateway and even Square 2. All this, in a bid to capture the working adult market. Its' success rate, evident from its steadily growing presence on the island.

Let's talk coffee. Adrian, the head barista and trainer here at Joe &Dough makes a mean coffee, and I don't just mean a mainstream rendition, it's a solid cup of smooth velvety froth riding a caffeine laden brew and honestly one of the better ones I've tasted here. The coffee hailing from local roasters Highlander Coffee,who have conjured up magic specific to J&D's needs and derived a 4 blend bean coffee with flavors extracted from Ethopia, Sumatra, Brazil and Colombia for that perfect balance. Woody with a muted tone of citrus and cocoa after notes, this is one cup of joe that you can indulge in on a daily basis.

The menu offers an array of reasonably priced food items,again targeted at the working crowd. Sarnies such as the Bacon Mushroom Melt and the New Turkey Ham with Brie Cheese ($9.50) offer a quick eat-on-the-go option. The former charms with its golden hued butter zopf braided loaf (also baked fresh daily), a comforting meld of creamy mushroom, melted cheese and porcine delight. Despite my apprehension, the Turkey Ham sandwich blows all expectations out of the water with generous chunks of luscious brie cheese that have yielded with a sigh under the influence of the hot grill. The hardy rustic cheddar cheese baguette a pretty good vessel for the softer innards.

Another worthy sandwich to investigate is the Ham Cheese and Sundried Tomato. A pretty damm good stack of ingredients encased in a tender fragrant sun dried tomato bun. The contrast between the crispy lettuce, chewy sun dried tomato, gooey melted cheese and thick cut ham, refreshing and entirely satisfying.

Moving on to desserts, J&D carries a range of similarly homey and rustic bakes that follow suite with its humble persona. Chalking up decent sums when ordering a range, this may just be the perfect place to rest your feet after a heavy round of shopping! My favourites were the Blueberry Yogurt tart ($6.50) and the Coconut Tart ($3.80); the former consisting of a thick buttery digestive crust and tangy silky innards boosted by the random occurrence of bright purple baubles of antioxidants whilst the former is a humble classic that attends to the needs of those who have a penchant for dessicated coconut. Other sweets not to be missed are the Banana Chocolate twist ($3) and the Traditional Baked Cheesecake ($6.20).

Joe and Dough might not fit into the ranks of the hipster cafes that most of us are intrigued by. But with consistent quality guaranteed, and amicable price tags, this is one dependable average joe that we should take our business too when in need of one-stop sammiches, coffee and cake.

Joe & Dough
Leisure Park Kallang
5 Stadium Walk #01-12
t: 6348 2848

Opening Hours:
Daily: 8am - 10pm

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