Outback Steakhouse: Magic, Madness, Heaven, Sin

I can never say no to ribs. And seriously, looking at those peeking honeyed strands of tender meat percolating barbecued goodness, only a saint can resist (or can they?)

Dinner at Outback Steakhouse was an interesting experience since my previous exposure was in Sydney. Uprooting, might I add, since I had the misconception that Outback steakhouse as name stakes was an all Australian joint, NO, in fact, it's an Australian-themed American casual dining restaurant chain based in Tampa, Florida with over 1200 locations in 23 countries now. Pardon me for the large rock I've been hiding under...

So moving on, we started our feast with non other than the quintessential American pub grub classic, Buffalo wings dressed as Kookaburra Wings (half $9.90, full $14.90), chicken joints tossed in a savoury blend of spices and then fanned out around a well of creamy blue cheese dressing. If you appreciate a good chunky blue cheese dressing then this would be one not to miss. A quick dipping with the fresh celery sticks would satiate those with a penchant for sauces.

We also had the Typhoon Bloom ($14.90) the approved local version of the famous Blooming Onion which drove me 'round the bend' crazy on my previous dining experience. Due to practical issues, Outback Singapore is unable to provide the same dish because of an inconsistent supply of 1 pound onions, hence the replacement. To be honest, I was less than impressed, the stacking of onion rings rendering the lower tiers, soggy and limp. The signature bloom sauce came to the rescue with its bold, creamy and slightly spicy notes.

Another starter followed, the Spinach Artichoke Dip ($13.90), is a perfect light snack for sharing amongst friends before ringing in the larger main courses. Basically, a creamy pot of creamed spinach, artichokes, Monterey jack and parmesan cheese which is baked till a bubbly goodness before being served with tortilla chips; this treat is good and a good variation from the boring dips you often find.

The menu is rather intimidating but easily navigable as long as you've decided on your choice of protein. 

From the poultry, we explored the Alice Springs Chicken ($25.90), yet again another cheesy treat from the Outback Kitchen. Here, flame grilled chicken breast meets sauteed mushrooms and crisp bacon; a gratifying coat of melted monterey jack and cheddar cheese seals the deal. Avoid this if you're not for rich foods cause this one can pack quite a paunch. The honey mustard sauce on the side, is also insanely sweet and ingestion may inordinate a trip to the dentist.

Opt for the Grilled Salmon ($26.90), served with seasonal vegetables, this dish relates better to the health conscious folks in the group. Char-grilled marks, elevate the simple protein to new heights as the succulent fish reveals pink innards with a good sprinkling of seasoning overhead that warrants no-need for the additional creamy dill sauce. Less calories. Yay!

Salads at Outback Steakhouse are a kaleidoscope affair. Not exactly the cleanest renditions you can find, incorporating TeX-Mex mode into presentation, chalking in more cheese and crispy bacon for brownie points. The Aussie Chicken Cobb Salad ($19.90) with a choice of grilled/ fried chicken served over a bed of fresh greens with monterey jack and cheddar cheese, crispy chopped bacon, chopped egg and diced tomato is suitable for a main course in itself. Albeit for the dry grilled chicken, the toss-up of various textures in a bowl made it rather enjoyable.

Seasoned and seared Prime Rib (10 oz $37.90, 12oz $39.90), the fanciest and priciest dish, wasn't executed very well but fared much better than the New York Strip Steak ($36.90 for 10Oz) which arrived at the table at the wrong temperature as per request and lacked the sear that was so prominent on the grilled salmon. Outback tends not to fuss with its beef to much, leaving the cuts to do most of the talking as we realised the absence of much seasoning on both these dishes in comparison to the deluge of spices that rock the boat on the previous dishes.

Don't pass up desserts when you're in the outback. Head straight for the Chocolate Thunder from down Under ($14.90) if you're a chocoholic or the Cinnamon Oblivion ($13.90) if you're a fan of apples and cinnamon. Bust the diet with an extra generous pecan brownie nestled in a pool of warm chocolate sauce and topped with old school vanilla ice cream. 

I was not too fond of the Banana Nut Cake ($12.90), the banana cake yielding a pudding like texture, probably acquired from an overburden of ripe bananas or perhaps way too much baking soda that caused it to collapse on its own feet when the ice cream is stacked overhead. A fine-tuning of the recipe is due for future success.

The Cinnamon Oblivion ($13.90) my friends, will restore your faith in Outback's dessert management. Unlike the usual apple pie a la mode, in this dish, there is no eminent main character, no cake nor pie to form the base. Instead, a refreshing mix of caramelised apples, cinnamon croutons, pecans, caramel sauce piques diners with its ominous presence, all dark, dangerous and extremely villainous (to the waist!). Get this dessert to avoid any regrets.

Outback Steakhouse @ Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
w: https://www.facebook.com/OutbackSG

Opening times:
Daily: 11 30am - 10 30pm

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