Li Bai Cantonese Restarant: Splendours of Spring CNY'15

All it took was a little dish of dim sum samples to remind me of good times spent in Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant on my previous visit. The opulent entrance might be intimidating to some, but to others it exudes abundance and lavishness, states that we normally associate with Chinese New Year. 

This year, Li Bai rolls out the big guns for CNY; Executive Chef Chung and culinary team presents a range of goodies from Yu Sheng takeaway platters to exquisite dine in menus to fit every occasion. If you're looking to bring the family out to soak in the festive mood, Li Bai has 5 different set menus designed for 8 to 10 pax with prices ranging from $868 to $3998 and another 4 set menus catered to smaller groups priced at $138 to $588. Note that these menus will be available from 2nd Feb to 4th March, so do make your reservations accordingly!

Chinese New Year meet ups aren't complete without the mandatory Lo Hei. Here at Li Bai, they have the Salmon Yu Sheng Lo Hei Platter ($52/ $96), and for those who love to bask in laps of luxury, you've got the option to add on the lobster ($35/100gm) to the sumptuous feast. 

For the benefit of those who are clueless when it comes to New Year Greetings associated with the various ingredients in a Yu Sheng. This is for you!

  • Fish = 年年有馀 
  • Pomelo = 大吉大利
  • Pepper & Cinnamon Powder = 招财进宝
  • Oil (poured in circles) = 财原广进
  • Carrots = 鸿运当头
  • Shredded Green Radish = 青春常驻
  • Shredded White Radish = 风生水起
  • Chopped Peanut =  金银满屋 
  • Sesame seeds = 生意兴隆
  • Deep Fried Flour Crisps = 遍地黄金

Personally, I found the Yu Sheng to be a bit lacking, the heavy dousing of honey pushing the overall mix into overly saccharine territory. As much as textures go, the Chinese salad succeeded on many levels, glistening hunks of buttery lobster and fresh silvers of salmon adding to the novelty of the experience.

Being a Cantonese Restaurant, one would expect the soups to be immaculate. And sure enough, Li Bai lives up to these expectations, pushing through the boundaries to really impress its diners. We had the Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw, Morel Mushrooms, Pearl Meat, Bamboo Pith and Tientsin Cabbage, a treasure trove of bountiful ingredients that helped to highlight the simple yet expertly executed chicken broth. Served in jade-hued ceramic pots, I felt like royalty as I sipped on the lavish soup as daintily as I could. 

Our next dish features the extravagant lobster once again. This time Sauteed Lobster served in a Crispy Rice Basket. A quick toss in a sizzling hot pan was all that was required to bring out the sweetness of the fresh lobsters. The culinary prowess of the chefs clearly evident in this dish from the expert control of the flame displayed. My only advice would be to ignore the rice basket which had suffered exposure to moisture and didn't deserve the descriptive word ''crispy'' .

The Eight Treasures Duck with Abalone was by far my favourite dish of the night. Not usually a fan of poon choy, this dish stands in as a great alternative, and is far superior too. Gently stewed, fall off the bone duck meets South African Abalone and Spiky Sea Cucumber in a great convention of unrestrained treasures presented in a gargantuan claypot. What's not to love?

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant
39 Scotts Road
Sheraton Towers Singapore

Operating Hours:
Mon-Sat: 11 30am - 2 30pm; 6 30pm - 10 30pm
Sun (Yum Cha): 10 30am - 2 30pm

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