Senso: Sunday Prosecco Brunch

Senso Ristorante and Bar has got a special place in my heart (and tummy). Recollections from a somewhat suggestive first 'business lunch' with the current boyfriend (read more about it here) float as thick as smog around our window seats which were sadly occupied by another eccentric couple. To celebrate our monthsary, we turned to the trusty folks at Senso for a good time, armed with our Entertainer apps, we were ready to rock out the Sunday Prosecco Brunch in style and reckless abandon. Working in the F&B industry, day-offs are rare and that explains our 'go big or go home' attitudes. 

Priced at just 98++ with free flow of Prosecco, wines, beer, soft drinks, coffee and tea, it sounds like a steal, but truth be told, it gets better! Think a buffet of starters, Cause nobody does cold cuts better than the Italian!; fresh Italian breads, a galore of cheeses, salami, parma, prosciutto, smoked salmon, oysters. Tuck into a bowlful of the freshest prawns and revel in the crystal sweetness of these babies.

But wait, there's more. Free flow of appetisers, soups, pasta and mains served ala minute! Portions may be petite but think of it as little tasting portions that help you to pick out your favourites for revisiting later when the alcohol kicks in. First up from the meats, the Gently Seared veal tenderloin with potato gratin and porcini veal jus , the use of the word 'gently' speaks fervently of the utmost care distilled to this delicate cut of protein. It was 'melt-in-you-mouth' goodness coupled with a rather lacklustre potato gratin that was dry probably from pre-portioning.

The Baked Herb Crusted Sea Bass on mashed peas and confit tomatoes isn't the most interesting dish you'll get, but its a solid find, packing a punch of sweetness from the confit tomatoes. The Grilled Salmon on savoy cabbage and Bacon Fondue triumphs that, the fatty richness of the bacon fondue contributing depth to the perfectly seasoned sauteed savoy cabbage.

Snuggle up to the cosy lineup of pasta dishes on the brunch menu. Giving out wintry vibes is the Pumpkin Tortellini with sage butter scented with white truffles, I love the delicate note of the truffles and the slight spices prevailing in the silky smooth pumpkin puree encased in these naval shaped parcels.

The Linguini Seafood in white Wine sauce with Fresh Basil appeals with its crisp structure and clean flavors in contrast to the previous offering. With orders cooked ala minute, the pasta dishes are worth revisiting over and over again.

On a separate note, do not deny yourself the pleasures of the Scarmoza cheese. Similar to mozzarella, this Italian Cow's Milk cheese exudes luxury with melty innards and a robust flavoured crust. 

To top it all off, there's the Carnaroli Risotto with pesto and San marzano tomatoes topped with shaved Pecorino to tickle the taste buds further. Creamy yet herbaceous, what's there not to like?

Unfortunately, we didn't quite make it to the dessert table. The arduous trips of prosecco circulating our table taking its toil. Merry making always has a price, doesn't it? We paid our dues the next day. But with food this good, the memory lingers and faith in Senso Ristorante has been restored. Do check out the Sunday Prosecco Brunch should you be looking for a treat and better yet if you have the Entertainer app 2015 as that's on 1-for-1 offer, setting it at an affordable $60++ per person after taxes. You better not be missing it!

21 Club Street
t: 62243534

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 12pm - 2 30pm; 6pm - 10 30pm
Sat: 6pm - 10 30pm
Sun: 11 30am - 3 pm (Sunday Prosecco Brunch); 6pm - 10 30pm


Chey Holzworth said...

Oh my goodness, that brunch sounds amazing! You would have had to roll me out of the restaurant, because I would have ate wayyy too much. And call me a cab, because I would have had too much to drink on top! Love your writting style!
Cheyanne from No Spoon Necessary

Tom said...

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Happy Travels Everyone!