boCHINche: Meat you there!

Now if previous reviews are anything to go by, you would know Bochinche as an Argentinian restaurant that's popular for two things. Meat and sharing plates. I finally got the chance to check this place out in place of the poor ol' missus, who was stuck at work while I got to sample some of their new wares. 

We started off with the Chilled Pea Soup, Shallots, Yoghurt and Chopped mint ($8). This is one of their new, healthier (#eatclean) menu offerings. Though it looks velvety smooth, there was a slight grainy bite to it which I felt gave it more character. The mint gave you a cool minty freshness as an aftertaste, just like smoking Marlboro menthol light cigs (I kid, it's way better and healthier than cigs). The shallot rings giving it a mild sweetness while the breadcrumbs added some crunch. Only way to make this dish better is to add ham in! Cos who doesn't love green pea and ham soup? RIGHT?!

Next was Crab on toast, Humita (sweet corn), Pickled turnips & Chopped coriander ($19) Crusty bread is slathered with sweet corn puree before being topped with white and brown crab meat (which have different textures) and pickles. It was a challenge to take everything in one bite but if you do, it's worth it. Gutted we only had one each as I was left scraping my plate.

Now this Iberico Lomo and Chorizo (50g each) aged for 30 months comes with house pickles and focaccia bread and costs only $15! Nothing much to say about cold cuts apart from how excellent it will be for pairing with wines or their signature Bloody Marys. The pickled vegetables helps cleanse your palate too if you ever find it too rich (as if).

Sides of Creamed spinach with mozzarella cheese ($9), Chips "Provenzal" ($10) and Flat mushrooms with gremolata ($9) are available too if you ain't full from all that meat you're about to order. My pick of the lot are the chips. It's tossed with garlic and parsley, and so fluffy and moist on the inside.

Try as I might... this was the most flattering shot I had of their Bife de choizo Sirloin Steak (I blame the wine getting to me) grilled with sea salt. ($49 for 300g). Though perfectly cooked medium rare with a robust flavor, the meat could have used a weee bit more resting time as evidenced by the juices on the plate. That fragrant chimichurri sauce they gave with the steak though... blimey, blew me away. Definitely gave the meat a lively lift. This is available at their grocer too!

The Lemon Sole with Tarragon & Lemon Butter ($39) is a french classic done well. The meat is mild and sweet, charred on the outside, yet still firm and moist on the inside. That home made butter sauce was so good that I lapped it up with the chips as well.

Moving on to desserts. We had the "Dulce de leche" Creme Brulee & Banana Split Ice Cream ($17). Order this if you're crazy about bananas. That scoop of ice cream is an amalgamation of everything you would find in a huge banana split bowl, sans cherries, while that thick, charred sugar crust gives way to an artery clogging cream heaven of "Dulce de leche" custard, or evaporated sweetened milk. I bloody love this cos I love banoffee pie and all things bananas anyway. Just wished they gave me a small biscuit waffle to scoop that up...

The Milk Cake, Passion Fruit Sorbet and Toasted Almonds ($14) is a different dessert altogether. That cake is so light and moist yet packs a punch. The accompanying scoop of sorbet gave me a good wake up slap as I was getting groggy from all the wine I was having. A dish made with finesse and worthy of your calories.

boCHINche still have starters and cold bar dishes for sharing, but when it comes to mains, they're tweaking it to include larger dishes for starving men with huge appetites. If you do cook, head down to their grocer area and you can find many of the items on their menu and spices available for sale.

Do click on their facebook page for information like Friday free flow wines or their Saturday booze brunches, which I'll definitely be checking out very soon.

22 Martin Road
#02-01 Singapore 239058
Tel: 6235 4990

Operating Hours:
Tues - Fri: 11am -11pm
Sat - Sun: 11am - 3pm (brunch); 3-11pm
Mon: Closed

This post is written and photographed by the fabulous Sylvester F of who is a professional french fryer, lover of hats, and is secretly addicted to alcohol. 

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