MEDZS: taking you over the rainbow this Christmas

With Christmas sneaking up fast and furiously upon us, I find myself stumped, for the very first time, by the question "where should we have Christmas dinner this year?", seeing their our yearly affair had always been held in the comforts of my Auntie's place. Her retirement from the tireless role of Christmas dinner host has left the family pretty much stranded; and I'm left to figure out our venue options. Only with such an opportunity do I realize the vast amount of choices we have for Christmas cakes and venues. 

Take for example MEDZS Rainbow Log Cake ($46.90 for 1.2kg), a limited edition offering that takes their signature rainbow cake, puts some magic into its step and viola, a bedazzling logcake that would be the pride and joy of any dinner feast. Unlike any rainbow cakes that I've come across before, MEDZS's version shines from the extra efforts that have gone into the thought process. The cake comes with seven layers of flavoured cream sandwiched in between the light and cottony sponge cake. There's cream cheese, orange cream, caramel, blueberry, peppermint, chocolate chip and almond; a revelation in intense flavor matching that strangely works in cohesion with every forkful. 

Alternatively, chocolate aficionados can turn to the MEDZS Belgian Dark Chocolate Log Cake ($43.90 for 1.2kg) stuffed with crispy chocolate pearls for solace. Unfortunately, my first encounter with this shimmery sweet was a tad disappointing. The 'crispy' chocolate pearls oddly deflated and waterlogged, whilst the chocolate sponge was dense and dry. Ignore the lures of this incandescent beauty and stick with the tried and tested instead.

The MEDZS rainbow log cake is part of the "Warm Gifts from the Heart" Christmas menu that boosts several more seasonal offerings such as the Oven Roasted Crispy Pork Knuckle with Bratwurst ($68 for 1.5kg; note that the dish pictured has already been portioned out and is not relative to the price mentioned), this dish contains shreds of unctuous pork, crispy puffed up skin intact, it's flavor packed fattiness contrasting with the sharp and vinegary tang of the sauerkraut. Best ignore the accompanying bratwurst that dashes hopes with its' stringy texture and overly fine mince.

Christmas dinner beckons for a Roast Turkey and MEDZS does a unique version of it with their Mediterranean spice infused Roast turkey with foie gras and chestnut stuffing ($118/ whole), this is served with brussel spouts, slathered with the necessary, homemade natural gravy and enlivened with a touch of acidity from the cranberry sauce. The mammoth turkey seemed to have encountered some timing issues in the roasting process and the resulting meat texture varyied from soggy in some parts to dried and overcooked in others. The accompanying vegetables could have use a little more time in the oven as well; the brussel sprouts yearning for a more meticulous manicure, its insides raw and overwhelmingly hard.

For those seeking a little variety, you'll be glad to know that MEDZS is home to an eclectic range of Mediterranean cuisine from Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Italy and France. It's menu boosts a large variety of dishes that would surely entertain even the most finicky of palates. Take for example the Truffle fries that caused quite a clamour on the dinner table. Other offerings which I heard rave reviews about were the Duck Confit and the carbonara; these are probably worth a shot.

Moving along to the desserts department, my initial heartfelt investments in MEDZS in-house sweets department went down in shambles after a couple of forkfuls.The Hazelnut Feuilletine ($7.90) was for the lack of a better word, clumsy, with little attention paid to layering. The Red Velvet ($5.90) was overly dense and bursting at the seams from the ridiculous amount of sugar syrup it soaked up, the cream cheese frosting sugar laden and crusty.

The chocolate plated desserts showed more promise with the Molten lava cake delivering it's soft centre, albeit a little too sweet but still acceptable by most standards. The Chocolate Souffle shows up puffy, jazzed up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side, nuanced with intense flecks of chocolate notes within it's springy interior. This was the best form of a parting note to indulge in.

Note that the Christmas menu is now available for ordering at any of the three MEDZS outlets. A delivery charge of $30 will apply per order. Alternatively, orders can be collected at the customer's preferred outlet.

MEDZS @ Milennia Walk
Milennia Walk #01-46
9 Raffled Boulevard
t: 6337 7507

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 11 30am - 11pm

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