Meat Liquor Sin: EATs, BEATs & TREATs aka F*#< Brunch

The moment these words 'free flow of legendary burgers' rolled off the screen, there was no way I was going to back out from a trip to Meat Liquor Sin's infamous Eats, Beats and Treats brunch. The lovely introduction - encompassing a holistic experience endorsed by the likes of free flow food and booze whilst being serenaded by DJ Oliver Osboune, followed by the final flourishing of a goodie bag packed with a handy visor, useful for playing the vampire role when faced with harsh sunlight after - was terribly enticing in its being. But, nothing prepared me for the actual sordid, grubby debuachery of an affair that was about to unfold itself, the moment you stepped into the shade; the thick smell of bacon fats hanging mid air.

During the course of 3 hours, prepare to have all 5 of your sensory systems titillated to the point of exhaustion. Word of advise, food does take quite a while, especially with the kitchen busting their asses working through endless dockets of burgers; so get in there and place your orders fast. In fact, if you're truly ravenous, you might consider ordering a second round when your food has arrived safely at the table.

DJ Oliver Osbourne's mix of classics hip hop coupled with a few standout tracks from Beastie Boys and Mark Morrison's Return of the Mack (as requested by yours truly) does provide for an electrifying experience, boosted by dusky interiors and abstract neon lighting. It's no doubt impressive, but can the goods surpass the gimmick?

Once you've settled yourself in your nook/cranny, scroll through the menu featuring limited edition sides. Offerings include sides of deep fried pickles, mac and cheese, buffalo wings, gunpowder shrimp, Greek salad and the mandatory fries invasion whilst the star attraction burger listing features 4 main players - the HDB Chicken Tower, Bacon Cheese, Parma Chicken and their best selling Dead Hippie.

Diligently working my way through the entire menu, my money is on the deep fried pickles, gun powder shrimp and the parma chicken burger. The pickles, lightly coated in a tempura like batter and deep fried to golden brown submission results in a stick of crisp exterior followed by a mouthful of briny goodness - this goes terribly well with your Estrella beer. It would be an absolute crime not to order at least 2 servings of the gunpowder shrimp, the heat from the cajun spice marinade prominent even through its deep fried hide.

The burgers are a bunch of hits and misses, mainly because the frantic rush in the kitchen lends to some mismanagement with the doneness of the patties. My Dead Hippie presenting a wretched desert squished between two buns, redeemed only by the sluice of dead hippie sauce whilst the hashbrown in my HDB Chicken Tower burger was nothing but a slab of fat-laden potato cracker. Stick with the Parma Chicken for a rocking good time. The Marinara sauce, thick with assertive flavors of spice elevating the rather average buns whilst the breaded and fried chicken really hit a high note with a salacious topping of melted mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

Wash it all down with free flow drinks from the bar. From bottled Estrella to drafted Sapporo and fluted prosecco - there's something for everyone. Not to mention the inventive alcoholic sherbets and Slushies that are perfect to beat the sweltering heat. The Raspberry & Grapefuit sherbet composed of lemon vodka, fresh raspberries, grapefuit, sherbet and lemon juice is a refreshing drink that may have a sweet disposition but gets you a little wound up after you're better acquainted with her. I'm guessing that's how Meat Liquor Sin delivers on its promise that you never leave the place hungry, sober or bored.

The Eats, Beats, and Treats brunch is priced at $90++ per person and includes free flow food and booze. For those feeling just a tad more high hat, can upgrade their package to include free flow champagne or unlimited shots for an additional $30. 

Till the end of this year, the dates for this brunch are as follows.
  • Saturday 5th Dec (a new date added due to popular demand)
  • Saturday 12th Dec (Sold out)
  • Saturday 16th Jan (F*#< it; Resolutions edition)
Tables must be booked in advance via phone 6221 5343 or email

Better news for the big fans of the burger joint, they now take reservations! So no more waiting around for a table.

MEATliquor Sin
99 Duxton Road
t: 6221 5343

Operating Hours:
Mon - Wed: 5pm - 12am
Thurs - Fri: 5pm - 2am
Sat: 5pm - 3am
Sun: closed

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