Mitzo: $100Gourmet Michelin Dining || Swiss harmony.

You'll probably know Switzerland as one of the world's safest and most neutral nation, possessing some of Europe's most open gun laws. Hence it's no surprise to find Chef Rolf Fliegauf, hailing from 2 Michelin Stars ECCO Ascina and Ecco St. Moritz working in peaceful unanimity with Chef Nicky (previous head chef at Michelin-starred Hakkasan NYC) for the November's edition of $100Gourmet collaboration happening from the 6th to the 9th.  The meeting of minds resulting in some visually arresting plates deserving of media attention as well as the congregation of gourmands.

I had the pleasure of sampling the 6 course $100++ dinner menu with the added pleasures of a cocktail pairing flight at an additional $45++. However, if you're more of a daylight person (or just plain frugal), you might want to check out the slighter petite 3 course lunch menu at just $100++ per couple.

This was the scoop; I had the one of the best meals this season - with the courses thoughtfully paced and its Romeo and Juliet type duet movement occurring between European sensibilities and Contemporary Cantonese, this 6 courses journey is elevated to certain stardom, aided by the stellar service.

Kick starting the meal is the Veal Cannelloni, an intricate presentation on a black slate that is definitely more than meets the eye. Here, the delicate components on the plate agglomerate in varying degrees of success. The combination of pickled onions, foie gras ice cream, goose liver crumble and fresh veal will have you wiping the slate clean.

Now, you've probably got a raving appetite from the piquant flavors from the previous course; the Double Boiled Abalone Soup will assist in taming these wild child notions before the flight develops into a full blown European meal full on hearty nosh and big flavors. It's herbal notes helping to wash down the guilt of the flecked sin that is the goose liver crumble from before. Atoning for several sins between bites of soft wintermelon and porcini mushrooms.

Top Left (clockwise): Fresh Emotion, Dim Sum & Roast Platter, Drunken Chicken Dumpling, Salmon Poached in Hay

Moving on, Chef Nicky Ng picks up the pace again with a slight brazen touch of extravagance demonstrated on his Dim Sum & Roast Platter. You've probably heard me sing praises of Mitzo's Special Barbecued pork before here, it's impressive bronzed crust with slight char revealing an expert hand in seasoning. This time round it's no different, and the sugar coated slabs take center stage amongst many other delicate treats such as the Drunken Chicken dumpling, Scallop & Shrimp Dumpling and Deep Fried Scallop Pastry. 

The friendly banter continues with Chef Rolk Fliegauf chipping in with a fish course. Salmon poached in Hay, the overall association with the theme pumpkin tying in nicely especially with the pickled pumpkin puree on the side and the fish being cooked in pumpkin seed oil. Most perplexing is the hay ash which imparts a earthy saltiness, almost akin to black lava salt. Ikura and the added watercress adding dashes of brilliance to the succulent pink fish. 

Just when you thought you've reached the pinnacle of the meal, in comes the Seafood Duo. The final savoury offering on the 6 course quest, and the only one with both chefs putting their thinking hats on and convening these reflections on a slate. The most confounding starts with sauteed prawns, turgid and tight rolling in a delicious pool of rich lobster bisque finished off with coconut cream for that tropical infusion into typical French fare. Scoot over to the zi char inspired dish of Stir Fried Scallop with Bonito Sauce. Chef Nicky doesn't play it safe here, incorporating bonito flakes into a sauce that he licks all over expertly stir fried scallop and strands of crunchy asparagus. 

The meal ends in a smack down of flavors with the Black Diamond & Fliegaud's Cheesecake. The deconstructed cheesecake was a delightful treat for the eyes but I couldn't get pass the strong flavors of the cheesecake foam which had congealed into a over-gelatinized panna cotta like textured mess on the bottom of the bowl. That being said, the accumulation of flavors stemming from the cheesecake ice cream and wafer cracker together with the unusual addition of sea buckthorn for sour boosters does get one prepared for the onslaught of flavors from Chef Nicky's contribution of the Black Diamond. There's little time to accustom to the flavors that are spewing into your mouth as you bite into the sesame crusted, charcoal mochi crust to find a landslide cascade of rich salted egg lava. Hands-down, a sweet treat that you wish you could get a dozen to elope with. That being said, I couldn't escape the feeling that I had been served two distinctly different dishes at once. The banter in this episode escalating into a 'mine is better than yours' fiasco.

No doubt, this dinner will have you deliberating the wonderful merits of the pairing of Cantonese elegance with European haute cuisine. In a culmination that is of Michelin starred standard, you'll not want to miss out on this $100Gourmet affair. Only occurring over the short span of 4 days from the 6th to the 9th November, you had better take speed to make your reservations soon.
Dessert: Black Diamond & Fliegauf's Cheesecake
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