The Waterfall @ Shangri-La Hotel: New Salumeria Menu & other heirloom signatures

Don't get chasing waterfalls...
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to

Classic TLC lyrics that teach us not to get ahead of ourselves. Chef de Cuisine Marco De Vincentis threads on safe grounds with his expertise spreading to the new salumeria menu of exclusive imported cold cuts and cheese as well as 26 new a la carte heirloom creations that highlight his Southern roots, seeing that he hails from Naples - a scenic city hugging the Southern coasts of Italy.

What's that? - salumeria consisting of exclusive, imported cold cuts and cured meats, as well as artisanal cheeses from the counter. We hearsay they have a creamy Burrata Pugliese Pomodori Marinati stashed somewhere in there too!

Contrary to popular belief, The Waterfall is not a buffet restaurant (thought I might get that assumption out of the way first to avoid some quizzical looks as I dive deeper into the mechanics of the Italian feast that we indulged in here) - residing in the lovely enclave of the hotel poolside, the rustic charms of the colonial decor takes one back into a seemingly different era, where its acceptable to be sipping on mai tais in broad daylight while trying to make a white plastic pool deck chair look sexy. 

None of that nonsense for now. Let's talk food.

There were no serious glitches in our meal. The starter of Insalata di Granchio e Finocchi ($23) - Crab Salad with Fennel whet our appetites for more with lashings of citrus flavors between sweet chunks of crab and mixed salad. The pinnacle of success achieved by those unsuspecting quarters of tropea onions scattered below the mounds, unnaturally sweet, these onions have been labelled with P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Originmark) by the European Union in 2008. 

Chef Marco continues delighting guests with his authentic Southern Italian cuisine with dishes such as the Spaghetti Alla Chitarra con Ragu di Crostacei ($29) - handmade pasta mixed with shrimps, garlic, prawns, chili, extra virgin oil and lemon for that piquant touch of flavors. A one-pan wonder of fresh ingredients and restrained seasoning.

The magic ensues in the form of main courses such as the Spigola all' Acqua Pazza ($36) - a Neapolitan style dish that highlights the accuracy of the cook on that sea bass. Draped around its sexy curves is a light refreshing broth -  olives and capers in white wine sauce; yielding overall flavors that are ceremoniously robust that it slips your mind that this dish could qualify as clean eating.

Meat lovers, treat yourself to the Agnello Arrosto con Timo e Patate ($36) - the dish has flashes of brilliant refinement, but in all honesty, it's all about the tenderness of the roasted lamb rack. The sauteed vegetables, sweet and moist playing a perfect sidekick to the lead actor.

We gaped at the sight of the Dessert Sharing Plate ($32), a massive elongated slate hosting the likes of a Biancomangiare (a traditional Italian almond pudding of sorts), Profiteroles, Ricotta Cheesecake and Tiramisu. Genuinely tasty, the Ricotta Cheesecake is worth revisiting on its own - the sweet savoury creamy innards a wonderful contrast to the sturdy crust below. If there is one piece of advice I should leave you with, that would be to implore you to order a coffee at the end of your meal. Not only is latte art presentable, the cappuccino has got to be one of the finest I've ever tasted in a Hotel establishment period.

The Waterfall
22 Orange Grove Road
Level 1
Shangri-La Orchard
t: 6737 3644

Operating Hours:
Daily: 6 30am - 10 30pm

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