OverEasy (Orchard): you make it so easy to love you

Sweet redemption.

The instant gratification that washed over me as he nodded in agreement to the reinstated goodness of the 'to-die-for' burger. 

Okay, so here's a recap, I've always been a big fan of Overeasy's burgers as seen from here and here. It's succulent patties matched alongside divine pillowy soft buns, attaining some sort of legendary status in my books, that I would happily expound fairytales about, to friends enquiring about my favourite burgers.  However, the story goes that that a recent trip to their new joint at Orchard Road (here), resulted in some very distraught sentiments after the jump. The lacklustre sear and uneven seasoning in the patty left a good three-quarters of my burger left untouched on the plate. Fortunately, after a bit of damage control, reparations were made and faith restored.

The 'To Die For' burger is a passionate contender for the best burger with its beautifully charred patty exterior and perfectly cooked medium rare innards. Simple does it here at OverEasy and their signature burger is done in good ole' diner style. slapped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and a special burger sauce. Set in a potato bun that helps to keep the juicy mixture intact as you lift it to your lips, the bun is the perfect candidate, hard on the outside, a spongy, soft natured on the inside. I couldn't have done it better.

Well, of course to accompany the dirty deed, we sussed out the rest of the menu in search of the less explored dishes. Some of our recommendations include Crispy Brussel Sprouts ($14) - let's draw some references; if you do love your Aburi Broccoli salad at Sin Lee Foods then you'll definitely pounce on the this side of brussel sprouts; crisp beyond words with a generous sprinkle of Parmesan cheese overhead, a quick trip to the sirracha sauce will guarantee a lip-smacking experience. Then there's the Santa Fe Chicken Soup ($12); OverEasy's take on the tortilla soup, but with a less gelatinous slurry like texture than some I've tried before. Avocado and spicy jalapeno helping to break up the monotony.

Another dish that you wouldn't normally think of having in an American diner is the Linguine with Prawns and Lemon Butter Sauce ($24), a mild mannered dish with sufficient acidity in its wake to whet your appetite for more. Pasta was kept al dente with sauteed prawns, curled up, red and beautiful lying languorously in its laps.

If there was one dish I would implore you to get, especially if you're in a party of 2 or more, that would be the Beer Can Chicken ($58, serves 2-3); imagine a world where a chicken gets to drink some beer just before its untimely death; neh, the situation isn't quite as rosey as that but with the beer securing succulence in its inner garden and the beer can serving as a standing tool to the bird whilst tanning in the oven, you'll be assured that the roasted chicken is moist through and through. The initial brining process and mindful seasoning under the skin as well as aromatics employed, yielding a meal of excellence for those who enjoy communal dining with a hearty edge. Roasted veggies including parsnips, corn and glazed carrot complete the equation. Note that prep time takes 45 minutes, so you might want to call ahead before arrival or fix your party up with some drinks in line of the wait.

What's a trip to the American diner without donuts? We tucked into one too many Bourbon Donut Holes with Homemade Fudge ($12) - the kitsch checkered paper in red plastic basket amping up the experience. Piping hot with a genial coat of sugar and chewy innards, these are perfect for the sweet tooths or those yearning a piece of candy-coated nostalgia.

OverEasy (Orchard)
41 Orchard Road
Liat Towers

Operating Hours:
Tues - Sun: 11am - 11pm

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