The Knolls @ Capella: Sunday Brunch featuring Nespresso Pure Origins Journey

Escape the madness of the city with a quick drive across the waters to Sentosa , where the peacocks roam the grounds with a streak of haughtiness in their stride (and a bit of viciousness when food is in plain sight); Here at the luxurious sprawling expense of Capella, a deep dark intense secret is brewing.

To bid farewell to the remaining months of 2015, Capella presents their usual Sunday Brunch at The Knolls with a twist. Working in sync with Nespresso to feature their Prestige Range of Pure Origins Grand Crus in an enticing range of coffee-infused canapes. 

So, if you have plans to navigate their crowd-pleasing Sunday Brunch, do make a detour from the usual sashimi and oyster bar and ensure a good fill of the new canapes which not only pack a big hit of caffeine, but also exhibit high levels of finesse and attention to balance of sweet and savoury flavors.

Take for example the innovative Foie Gras with Coffee Caramelised Banana inspired by the bright fruity quality of the Lungo Origin Guatemala, consisting of a decadent foie gras mousse piped over 
caramelised bananas with a kick of Guatemalan espresso and a slice of Pain d'epice. The name of the game is to employ the strengths of the coffees and use them in creative small bites that would further highlight its dominant flavor profile. Chef David Senia of Capella does it so beautifully, his amicable disposition and effervescent personality finding roots in his creations. Drawing inspiration from his exposure to new experiences with local flavors and the various techniques he acquired from his stints around the world - it was evident that the man had done similar gigs before and combining foreign flavor profiles in such immaculate small bites was a breeze for him! I especially loved the Gratinated Coffee Duck Sandwich - the bittersweet, slightly nutty nature of the Brazilian origin espresso exploited in a medley of smoked duck breast, pistachio, and dried apricots to form a filling that is subsequently stuffed in a bread roll and topped with a smidgen of chicken liver mousse and kahlua. These bear an uncanny resemblance to collon ( a Japanese glicosnack), and trust me when I say that once you pop, you can't stop. Then there's the locally inspired Coffee Smoked Duck Roll stuffed with Briyani Rice Masala; Ristretto Origin India is mixed with a delicate hand together with rice, masala spice and mayonnaise and wrapped in smoked duck. Chef David advises that these be consumed with a theatrical flair of arms, not quite sure how there add to the gastronomical charm, but I'm sure as hell buying into its spicy act.

These morsels of delight are part of the Coffee Indulgence at The Knolls which will be held every Sunday from the 22 Nov to the 27 December from 12 30pm to 3pm. So fret no, you've got 3 more Sundays to chase the caffeinated dream.

Now, let's talk shop. The rest of the buffet line isn't shoddy at all. In fact, a walk through the galley way will have you gawking at the immaculate dessert aisle; not forgetting the extensive outdoors cooked food stations featuring Carbonara scraped from the barrels of a cheese wheel, pork jowl, marinated chicken thigh off the grill, salt crusted fish and so much more. 

Point to note, don't skip the waffle station, these herbed and spiced magic carpets will host cured parma ham and a perfectly cooked poached egg with a deluge of homemade hollandaise complete with fresh cut chives sprinkled for that extra touch.

Then of course there's a mandatory stop over at the sashimi aisle as well as a quick dabble in oysters. You'll be delighted to find out that Capella shucks both Irish Rock Oysters as well as the Bretagne and Belon oysters from France. I much prefer the former for its well rounded profile, plumper and milky with only a sparing touch of brininess. 

I swear that the Knolls touts one of the best dessert departments I've seen in the extensive brunch buffet directory on local shores. No cup desserts here, housing a compilation of leftover mousse from in-house cakes with a random garnish tossed on to fool the diners. Instead, each and every cake is well thought out, presented and arranged in such a way that chocolate and fruit don't conflict. Must tries include the Galette des rois, a crisp roll of puff pastry encasing delectable tender frangipane (almond cream) as well as the matcha chocolate opera.

A little foray into the cheese cart don't hurt nobody too. You just can't pass it up when someone offers you the smokiest of soft cheeses tableside, twirls it delicately between a knife before slotting it down on a plate beside a mix of dried figs, crackers and toasted almonds. Resistance is futile. I would know. I lapped it up like a fat kid presented with a huge chocolate cake.

The Sunday brunch at The Knolls does carry with it quite a heavy price tag. But then again, with lively Mariachi band at hand serenading you with 'Besame Mucho' and the likes of a jovial chef jiving his way down the aisles; there's really no putting a price tag to this experience. Perfect for special occasions, The Knolls presents a luxury Sunday brunch like no other.

Coffee Indulgence at The Knolls; every Sunday from Nov 22 to Dec 20; 12 30pm - 3pm.

Prices (inclusive of free-flow soft drinks and juices): 
$48++ for child aged 4-6
$78++ for child aged 7-12
$128++ per adult
Prices (inclusive of free flow wines and speciality cocktails)
$178++ per adult (free fl0w Taittinger champagne, wines, speciality cocktails and beers)
$258++ per adult (free flow vintage taittinger champagne...)

The Knolls @ Capella Singapore
1 The Knolls
t: 6591 5046

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