Oxwell & Co.: Christmas Fabulous Feast

Christmas kind of snuck its way into our calenders once again, the entire year passing us by like a whirlwind affair. Now, its time to line your stomachs with traditional Christmas roasts and prepare for the assault of one, too many alcoholic beverages in the course of merry-making. Naughty or nice, I'm sure Santa's too busy overworking his minions to tell.

So, moving on, Oxwell and Co.; the British inspired gastro-pubs rolls out its festive menu in true English style, with traditional roasts and pork crackling to foster the spirit of sharing and caring with a convivial communal dining practice. 

Oxwell & Co. resides in this over-trodden neighborhood of Ann Siang Hill being knocked around mercilessly by the well-heeled crowd, bar-crawling their way through the vicinity and punishing their livers in the midst. Walk in the front door and you're in a wood sheathed interior with minimalistic walls decorated with twisted piping, similarly defiant lamp shadings bouncing off the walls in a free spirited disarray. It's a bohemian space, like a dingy pub gone rogue; and the food here is equally manic.

The media rendition of the Fabulous Feast begins with sharing snacks such as the Pork Scratchings and the Spiced Crispy Corn to pacify those with an itchy mouth. Fabulously crisp, their drier disposition promotes a healthy drinking habit, boosted by the presence of Malbec from Mendoza tableside.

Top L (clockwise): Pork Scratchings, Spiced Crispy Corn, Roasted beetroot, Broccolini and Stilton, Spiced Duck Rillette

Starters soon followed and not before long, the table is decorated with a multitude of colors and textures, surprisingly decked out in Christmas shades of red and green. The Salmon gravlax pleases with its easy-going nature inspiring the rest of the components on the plate such as the creme fraiche, pumpernickel, dill and lightly pickled granny smith apples for contrast. A dinky dish of Spiced Duck Rillette was disturbingly delicious, duck rillette with an unlikely combination of fermented carrots and cassis jelly are hidden below the blanket of sunny-side up egg, that upon submission, spills its yellow secrets all over the appetising mound. Mop it up with the accompanying sourdough bread or proceed to shove forkfuls of this comforting mixture in your mouth. No one's judging.

Spiced Crispy Corn
Salmon Gravlax
Where mains are concerned, set your sights on the Whole Roasted Challand Duck (2.5kg) or the Crispy Rolled Kurobuta Pork Belly (1kg). Unapologetically irresistible, the pork belly gets all the stares and gawks, it's glistening sheen from moist innards tempered with syrupy cubes of packham pears and puy lentils, whilst the crackling can be heard from two diners away - no mean feat. Then there's the duck which looks the part of an evil step sister with its blackened hide and fanned out demeanor but demonstrates an intrinsic goodness with its fatty and succulent flesh. Duck fat bread sauce perforated with the lardaceous fat brings the protein to another dimension. 

If you're in a mood for something a bit lighter, get the Oven roasted side of Irish Salmon served with hollandaise (hey.. go easy on yourself, it's Christmas), seaweed crisps, sweet potato leaves and salmon roe for a crown of extravagance we all deserve this for making it thru to this part of the year. The Whole Oven-Roasted Serama Chicken (2kg) pales in comparison to the rest of the gang, the free range chicken seemingly a bit on the dry side with the stuffing of chestnuts and prunes making a mess on the plate when carved out. 

To accompany the heavy mains, sides are pivotal in adding variety to the presentation. Duck Fat Roast potatoes, Pear and Stilton Salad, Roasted sweet Carrots and Brussel spouts in maple butter and smoked bacon grace the table for a very short lifespan as it wasn't long before the exceptional roasted sweet carrots were all snatched up. Poached in butter for a touch of lavishness, this would make any disobedient kid eat his carrots in quiet reverence. 

Crispy Rolled Kurobuta Pork Belly (1kg)
L(clockwise): Sides, Roasted Sweet Carrots, Whole Roasted Challand Duck, Oven roasted side of Irish Salmon

To round off the night, a rustic platter of sliced Orange and Ginger cake with a landslide of cream, sweet crumb and fresh berries forces us to find room in our bellies for some sweet nothings. Served alongside a bowl of chocolate ice cream studded with shards of fresh honeycomb; I was most certain to be approaching food coma at this juncture. The appearance of another stunning dessert at the table, the Raspberry Trifle pushing everybody off the edge.

The snuggle struggle is real, and honestly I can live with that. Only if food were to be always of this superior standard.

Top L (clockwise): Orange & Ginger Cake, Chocolate Ice cream with Honeycomb, Raspberry Trifle
So of the three festive dining options, a 'Fabulous Feast' is to be shared with a minimum of 3 people, with each main course to be accompanied by 2 starters and 2 sides. Priced at $110 per guest, you probably experience some belly busting moments throughout the meal. But its all worth it. Otherwise, opt for the traditional a la carte 3-course dinner ($85/pax) where you'll be entitled to sharing snacks, starters, a personal main and sharing sides from the 'Fabulous Feast' menu. Call 6438 3984 now to make your reservation.

Oxwell & Co.
5 Ann Siand Road
t: 6438 3984

Operating Hours:
Mon: 4pm - 12am
Tues - fri: 12pm - 12am
Sat: 4pm - 12am
Sun: 12pm - 12am

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