Lan Ting: for Crackin' Dim Sum this festive season

If the trayfuls of roast meat and leftover turkey are starting to give you the heebie jeebies then look no further than the wealth of dim sum choices at Lan Ting.

The only folks I know to churn our dim sum at 8 am in the morning, you'll be sure to visited by pangs of nostalgia similar to those you get when making your rounds of the Hong Kong dim sum restaurants.

First up, the Steamed Black Truffle Pork Dumpling with quail egg "siew mai" ($6.20 for 4). Can't say I'm too big a fan of these as the combination of quail egg yolk and black truffle delivered similar taste profiles to that of overcooked liver? Don't ask me why, I'm just as quizzical. The new steamed prawn dumpling with pork floss har gow ($6.80 for 4) is a safer bet; plump, succulent and beautifully pleated to conceal fillings of prawn topped with a flagrant amount of pork floss for added indulgence.

For some strange reason, I took to the Steamed Rice Roll with Crispy Shrimp ($7.80) like a fat kid to cake despite my usual aversion to rice rolls. Paper thin translucent rolls encase crumbed and golden brown shrimp, the umami-fied dressing of soy sauce and rice wine dressing up the simple combination.

Come dinner time, the dim sum selection takes a back seat and you'll get to sample a plethora of delicately executed Cantonese inspired delights such the Pan-fried Foie Gras with Crispy Beancurd skin and Truffle Scallop, Crispy Prawn in Wasabi Mayonnaise. The former quite a treat for those in search of fatty returns, the crispy beancurd skin and crunchy lotus chip providing a much-needed textural contrast. 

For something a little more communal dining friendly, get the Roasted Mango Duck ($29 for half, $54 for whole - promo price), this one is a stellar choice for those who prefer the crispy skin affair without any of that greasy unrendered fat layer. The humble Homemade Beancurd with Chopped Olive Vegetable ($12.80) has the potential to become a house signature with each pillow sporting a crackin' golden crust and draped in glorious chopped olive vegetable gravy. Definitely a must order from the tofu-section!

Conclude your meal with the Braised Bee Hoon with Scallop and Prawn - Macau Style ($18/$26). No, this isn't your usual mom and pop version, instead, white threads are rendered with dashes of painstakingly cooked broth and wisps of smoke. Scallops and sauteed prawns adds to the aromatic affair. Throw in a couple of spicy chili padi bits and you've got a real fire-cracker on your hands.

When the spiciness gets too much to handle, turn your gaze to the Chilled Beancurd Cream of Mango, Sago and Pomelo ($5.80) for some cold relief. The dessert deserves some high praise indeed with an expert balance of smooth bean curd cream with gao sago and sweet mango put in play. The slight bitterness from the pomelo egging you on to embrace another spoonful.

兰亭 Lan Ting Cuisine & Wine
907 East Coast Road
#01-02 Springvale
t: 6444 0888

Operating Hours:
Tues - Fri 11 30am - 10 30pm
Sat, Sunday & PH: 8am - 10 30pm
Dim Sum - Before 6pm
Dinner: 6pm onwards

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