Phat Cat Laundry: Not a Washout

Jiak Chuan road has a party vibe that has made it synonymous with neon lights. And that is what you get with a brief introduction to Phat Cat Laundry as you stumble past the fake facade of a laundromat up front (apparently licensing for a proper laundromat, to throw guests off is quite a hard deal to get around). Instead you find lengthy black marble bar counter and heaps of lounging space illuminated by artificial candle light. The walls meandering in the same backwash with cheeky aphorisms with visuals to match: dry hump with consent? do not dampen spirits? - a tad cheesy we think but superimposed on white laundry tag like cloth, it does relay a strong theme.

And that is where the laundry relevancies come to a halting stop. The cocktail menu transiting one into the visage of a dated Chinese love den where tea, Asian spices and magic takes precedence. We quench our thirst with the Black Tea and Bergamot ($22) -  a sweet seductive concoction that fuses earl grey creme gin, rich syrup, citrus and egg white foam. Suckers for packaging would adore the Forget-Love-Water ($26) cocktail which would naturally make you hum along to Andy Lau's notable tune as you pour it on the rocks. Ugni Blanc gin provides a sweet grape base note haunted by cardamon botanicals, this is balanced with sea salt, butterfly pea flower for that magic unicorn shades of purple.

My favourite vegetarian dish by a mile goes out the Phat Cat's Kimchi Cauliflower gratin ($14), tho not the best cauliflower dish I've had this year, it definitely scores as one of the dopest looking one. One look at that oozing cheese in slow-mo cascade down browned sides and your heart is stolen. It rests on a bed of chopped kimchi for a bit of fermented spice notes amidst rich buttered gratinated cauliflower roasted to a glorious golden brown on its florets. Fan of sweet potato fries will revel in the Messy Sweet Potato Fries ($14) - sous vide egg nestled between crisp fries with moist innards, piled with chopped pickles, gravy and a shower of fried shallots. Perfect for shovelling into your mouth coupled with a few titillating concoctions.

A firm favourite between the both of us (we rarely agree on anything) is their Brontosaurus Char Siu Beef Ribs ($25), slow cooked till tender and swathed in a semi-sweet and smoky char siu glaze with red cabbage slaw to serve as a tangy cutting edge. Yummy right down to the bone. Be very surprised when the ooey gooey cheese bursts out from the center of the lamb and beef patty spiked with a wee bit of tongue tingling szechuan spices. Sambal Aioli and pickled cucumbers complete the pretty picture. Sure the buns aren't the most gourmet but they serve their purpose well in holding its salacious content together.

Moving in reverse, we explore more small bites options on the menu. Offering a play on the classic spring roll, the Truffled Prawn Egg Rolls ($14) threw me off. Sure chunky prawns and lemongrass aioli are a match made in heaven, but the black truffle paste? Now, that's an overkill.The Crab Noodles ($18) on the other hand is destined for signature status - generous mounds of fresh lump crab meat is served with a sweet chili lime beurre blanc, a inclusion of chili padi creating an interesting East-West interpretation that is also woven into other dishes such as the dessert to follow.

Our solo dessert venture followed a similar creative flow of blending cultures, "Affogato" ($10) combined coffee ice cream with warm coconut cream spiked with a cool coconut gula melaka creme for a touch of provocative savouriness. If you're daring, get a pop of rum in there and this proves to be intricate treat for cocktail lovers.

A lot of thought has gone into every element of Phat Cat Laundry and there's much to love about it. The pieces are in place, but now everything needs tightening especially where dish consistencies are concerned. If you're around the area and looking for a places that exudes fun vibes for good company, Phat Cat Laundry might just have it all in the bag.

Phat Cat Laundry
4 Jiak Chuan Road
t: 6221 8262

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays: 5pm to late

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