The Clifford Pier: presents a localised Singapore Heritage AfternoonTea

The Clifford Pier is in a league of its own. That's in terms of heritage value as well as ambiance. First and foremost, being a landmark built to serve as a landing point for immigrants and other sea passenger, the place is steeped in history and it's emulated through the grandeur and majesty of the venue which Fullerton has painstakingly taken to restore.

For a taste of localised flavors, interlocking tastes of sambal chili, dark soy sauce and garlic; look to The Clifford Pier's new Singapore Heritage Afternoon Tea. The selection of 8 savoury and 8 sweet items, a thoughtful representation of Singapore's culinary past and present. Make sure to complement your afternoon tea experience with a choice of beverage ranging from local Teh Tarik to a selection of excellently curated tea, each touting a fancy name such as Silver Moon and Magic Moment.

When the tide of afternoon bites washes upon the table, it can and will be a bit overwhelming. But here's breaking it down and fret not as you can get free-flow of any particular item you favor during the weekends.

On the savoury side, dig into the Kurobuta Pork Kong Ba Bao with Man Tou first. The rampant drop in temperature inflicting devastating effects to the concoction's marginal utility. The Clifford Pier, serve Chili Crab, the national dish that can be found at most Zi Char stall; stuffed between fried mantou. The version compressing the best parts of the dish into one dainty bite, lessening the need for the dish of lemon water on the side.

From the stand, my favourites include the Carrot Cake with X.O. Chilli and Scrambled Egg as well as the Kueh Pie Tee. The former, hums with dried scallops, jinhua ham and red chili pepper; the scrambled egg atop adding a brunchin' effect to the small bite. Crisp hand-crafted pastry cases form the base for the stewed vegetables in the kueh pie tee, the prawns and crab meat adding a touch of luxury that I strongly approve of. Save space for a couple more servings of these and you'll be satiated for sure.

The other savouries include
  • Nonya Chicken Curry and Roti Jala Wrap
  • Chili Bak Kwa Jam on Savory Egg Tart
  • Cruffin with Masala Potato and Curry Leaves
  • Wagyu Beef Rendang Croqueatas
all of which have their own merits but could have benefited from a dollop of sauce to moisten up the situation. In fact, if you like me, appreciate a fine chili, request for huge servings of homemade sambal chili on the side. This dip brings a pleasantly psychedelic level of heat to your kueh pie tee and is forceful enough to promote more tea-sipping.

As much as the savouries provide much temptation to over-indulge, make sure you save space for the sweets tier! A must have are the scones at The Clifford Pier; the pearl sugar studded Tropical Fruit Scone paired with homemade kaya is to die for and so are the tender Pandan Swiss Rolls that adorn the scalloped edge plate. Continuing in the line of heritage goodies, we are treated to a spectacle of old school treats such as the Bika Ambon and Mini Kopi and Almond Butter buns. The latter was disappointingly chewy and would have been tons better if toasted prior to serving to stiffen up its sugar crust.  That grievance aside, I did also enjoy the Honey and Mango Financier which texture resembles that of a sugee cake slightly.

The other sweets include:
  • Bandung Macaron
  • Soft Centered Coconut Chocolate Cake
  • Classic Scones with passion fruit and mango jam

The Clifford Pier's Singapore Heritage Afternoon Tea set is available everyday -
Mon - Fri: 3 30pm - 5 30pm
Sat, Sun, PH: 3pm - 5pm

for just $45 per adult and $22 per child (6 - 11 years old).

Do be sure to make your reservations as this dainty affair is wildly popular. And do bring your camera along too because the insanely gorgeous set up calls for many photo-worthy moments.

Major thanks to Fullerton Hotel for hosting us and taking us on a tour of their new heritage gallery that just opened in the lobby. Encompassing a comprehensive museum experience, the gallery is a worthy destination for explorers and history geeks.

The Clifford Pier
80 Collyer Quay
t: +65 68846884

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