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Have you ever put together a collage of photos all ready for some sort of radical review when suddenly you are stumped by vague and somewhat blurry recollections of the food itself.

Let's do the extraordinary. Throw out the final verdict before the review...

My final verdict for this dinner would have to be that the food was mediocre and clearly laden with msg; trust me, I was stranded with a twitching eyelid for the rest of the night. But before I jump the ship, lets go through a clear narration of its offerings for the night.


Dumpling Queen, situated among the slew of un-appetising residential buldings in the China cluster within International City, didn't leave quite a good first impression with its sprawling surroundings exuding dodgey vibes, dust cyclones occasionally spinning and the smell of aged trash floating thru the air. Prejudices aside, I can't forsee anyone contented to live within such compounds, no offence to those who have already settled in.

So we are greeted by an amiable looking chinese hostess at the door, however, with a slight tilt of your head, you catch a glimpse of the chinese chefs (supposedly theirs) with cigarettes between their fingers, living it up in a cloud of smoke on the side alley. You make a silent prayer for clean fingers. You're unimpressed.


With the shrill voices of taiwan show hostesses ringing in your ears from the television overhead, you peruse the menu with dexterity, fingers leaping off the folded pages. After placing your order, you glance quickly through the oiled up window panes at the chefs cooking up a storm, flames ablazed, and sweat dripping down their brows as they toil.

The dishes arrive...


braised peanuts


Seafood dumpling


Stir fried Kang-Kong


Yang Chong Fried Rice (2 thumbs up!)

in the end, my verdict still stays the same. Question:Why do I feel extra thirsty?

Dumpling Queen Chinese Restaurant
Location: International City, China Cluster C15, Shop #11, Dubai
Phone: +971 4 367 4558
Fax: +971 4 367 4557

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