Good things come to those who wait

Sabar Menanti translates to "Good things come to those who wait", an English phrase extolling the virtue of patience.


I suppose the phrase has minimal application to the diner's settings as we witnessed that day with the rather fast service of food, but more so for the execution and deliverance of its fare. Some Malay dishes, if not all, are a laborious affair; take it from the rendang.

My cravings for a good nasi padang meal led me to Sabar Menanti II in the Kampong Glam district. It's really happening!!! After settling like a bunch of docile lambs at our table with an array of colorful dishes before us, it wasn't long before we evolved into ravenous bunnies lunging at the food.


Our imperative choice of beef rendang was unreal. smoky with a tender texture. It was braised to perfection. The other stars of the show were the bergedil (one of the best I've had, apparently they use a specific type of potato that lends to it's fluffy texture); the sambal terung was delish as well. The sayur lodeh however was a little weak tasting and could use a little more robustness in the gravy. on the hindsight, the sambal balado (red sambal) served up along with the dishes was absolutely addictive, serving as an excellent accompaniment to the rice.


Doing a bit of side by side comparison with the offerings from Sabar Menanti, it seems as though the choices we were offered that day were a bit lackluster. Could it be our late arrival at the joint or the discrepancies between the two outlets? someone care enlighten me?


Sabar Menanti II
747 North Bridge Road
(Jn Jln Kledek)

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