Jimmy Monkey: When I Miss Home

On the island state of Singapore, food trends are like waves breaking onto our shores, leaving us awash with new choices. We used to lament that finding a good cup of coffee was impossible; now the predicament is which cafe should we head to in order to avoid the crowds. And when I say crowds, that's an understatement. 

The 'Third Wave Coffee' has relinquished itself in a influx of cafes dotting the island. Common Man Coffee Roasters, Anthesis, The Bravery, Ronin, The Provision Shop, (working title) and the Le Mama Shoppe are just some of the new kids on the block that have joined in the game. While these fresh picks amuse the hippy youngsters always on the lookout for new spots to instagram from. I always turn to the usual suspects for my quick cuppa. Presenting to you my rock, Jimmy Monkey at One-North Residences.

There's nothing quite fancy about this space. High ceilings featuring some odd features (the still in-tact toilet bowl originally on the second floor)), warehouse aesthetic referncing with minimalist features. Here, it's a safe space, truly evocative of my dwellings in most Sydney cafes where you could slave away on your lappie half the day or craddle a good read without being disturbed.

                                                                                                                                                                    For something a little lighter on the palate and no less satisfying, order The Hulk - smashed avocado, chunks of feta and homemade dukka on sourdough. The interesting mix of middle eastern flavors and squeeze of fresh lemon juice lifts the dish with a citrusy and rustic nutty vibrancy. Definitely the best dish on the brunch table.

Heartier appetites can go for the Spaghetti with Chorizo and baby spinach. Al-dente with the perfect amount of seasoning makes this simple dish a crowd pleaser.

My mother very quickly worked through her Saint Joseph's Tartine, pausing occasionally to murmur through gorged mouthfuls; mostly swooning. The sauteed mix mushrooms is kryptonite, served on TBP multigrain sourdough and sided by streaky bacon. 

I was disappointed by my Breakfast Sandwich though. I'm guessing it's another case of food envy at work but still I cannot dismiss the underwhelming Kay's relish (with a name engraved next to it, you would expect it to be a real showstopper);  I could have used a little more of it and perhaps a little less acidity and more robustness. 

That mini detail aside, the coffee was perfect. Indulging me in all my caffeine nerdiness. 

Jimmy Monkey
9 One-North Gateway
#01-51 One-North Residences
Singapore 138643
tel: +65 6777 8470

"It doesn't have to be on Valentine's Day. It doesn't have to be by the time you turn eighteen or thirty-three or fifty-nine. It doesn't have to conform to whatever is usual. It doesn't have to be kismet at once, or rhapsody by the third date.
It just has to be. In time. In place. In spirit.
It just has to be."

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