Wings World: Shake your Tail Feather

Have you met anyone who's immune to the simple, glorious charm of a chicken wing? I haven't.

Wings World, a fairly new joint set in the heart of Joo Chiat area appeals to the chicken wing aficionados in most of us. With 10 different flavouring options including dry rubs and wet marinades, one would be spoilt for choice. Explicitly focusing on the wings, the menu as well as the ordering process is kept tight and simple; and I suppose the back of house management be a little more straightforward in its food preparation. Not discounting the fact that all sauces are made in house, the heartbeat of Wings World comes from the kitchen, which I imagine to be plastered in wall to wall tubs of over 75 different spices and herbs.

Outside, the space is comfortable. Simple wooden panelling and few tables and chairs thrown around, a perfect backdrop for a casual catch-up with friends or an intimate family dinner.

Here, the wings take centerstage. I had the Mild Buffalo and Italian Herbs in a basket of 6 ($5.95) whereas my partner had the Rajin cajun and the Mango Habenero. For me, my choices yielded great content; the buffalo seasoning, a good balance of heat and tanginess whereas the Italian herbs had a good bite and zest going on. With the dry rubs, I liked that the coating was an appropriately thin layer, avoiding the situation where you catch rogue lumps of MSG laden seasoning with one bite. Coughing fits... nah.. we don't want that. The Mango Habenero however fell on the sweeter spectrum of things which I didn't quite enjoy. Bring on the heat please. Point to note: the wings may lean towards the gym-rat, anorexic side so do increase your order quantity for maximum gratification.

Wings World
214 East Coast Road
Singapore 428913

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