Colony @ The Ritz Carlton: One of my favorite new buffet lines in town

My blatant statement in the front goes to show I like Colony at the Ritz Carlton an awful lot. I'm sure a lot of you share the same sentiments about the spanking new buffet line to feature heritage cuisines opened for operation in September 2015. To cut to the chase, if I could get away with the financial burdens of dining in everyday, I would...

Touting eight different conservatory kitchens, each helmed with a 'live' station with display of culinary showmanship, detailing the decadent dishes decking the stations; its easy to be transfixed in the artful skill of cooking demonstrated by the amusingly amicable chefs. But it won't be too long before the lure of assertive scents of spices get to you. Pulling you in to haul the goodies back to your seats.

When it comes to navigating buffets, I would deem myself the position of a 'noob'. Hence, take my word lightly as I fixate upon the tandoor and patisserie section; usually the two that would first have my toying with ideas of letting loose.

Stop 1 is The Ice Bar which showcases a variety of crustaceans on ice, a voluminous spread of salads, cold cuts and cheeses - this usually gets the most attention from the regular go-getters. But trust me, as fresh as the sashimi gets (and it really is darn good), you should save some stomach room for the next few stations.

Traverse through the main hall into the back loft which dark and cosy space houses the rest of the hot kitchens. Stop 2: The Grill and Rotisserie offers a selection of Western and Asian Meats grilled to perfection. Iberico suckling pig with Balinese spices makes the occasional guest appearance while festive related roast such as turkey make their rounds during the relevant periods. That being said, one all-year-round treat that I can't help waxing lyrical about is the Grilled satay which exuding a certain rude vitality with its charred edges, imbued with smoke. Meat fiends, you can also get your fill of Chinese traditional roasts like Char Siew, Siew yoke and soy chicken here.

To the right is your next mandatory stop, The Tandoor where you can feast on Indian meats, seafood and breads cooked in a traditional Tandoor oven right under your nose. Sure the heat must be stifling behind the glass windows, but the good-humoured nature of the Indian chef on duty sure makes the job look easy. The Chettinad Chicken dished out in the ornate tiffin carriers imbued with the sweetness of tomato and Marsala is extremely good.

The Steam Basket wows with the signature Colony laksa decorated with a massive homemade lobster ball - creamy, spice laden with enthralling breathes of fresh laksa leaf in its wake. One word - compelling. So much so that I dived into a other bowl at the expanse of my lactose intolerance. *groans*. Worth it though, as much as the ensuing har gow and siew mai on the agenda were.

For those who love their carbs, there's The Bakery boosting freshly baked breads, pastries and sandwiches - all these strung out over a gorgeously decorated table with an assortment of cheeses, butter and spreads for company. If you must indulge, try your luck at laying your hands on the upper crust -  a new pastry creation comprised of cookie crust and muffin base in 4 flavors such as coconut raisin cookie crust with pandan coconut kaya muffin. 

And finally we arrive at the piece de resistance, The Patisserie section consisting of a decadent 3-tiered display of entrements, tarts and pastries to tackle. A live crepe suzette station tempts with promises of luscious amalgamations of orange and caramel whilst warm nut riddle cookies huddle up under the spotlight. Colorful assorted Nonya kueh and blueberry lapis bask in full glory and then there's the irresistible lure of an utterly divine chendol ice cream amidst a slew of other homemade flavors such as earl grey and fresh mango.

Sigh. I died inside knowing that I only had the capacity to tackle a third of the spread.

If desserts are your main focus, you might want to op for the Colony afternoon tea experience. ($49/person including champagne). Choose from a British-style three tier afternoon tea set which includes warm pancakes served with Fresh vintage caviar or enjoy unlimited servings of pastry items from The Patisserie; then elevate that experience with a flute of Moet and Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne.

Go the extra mile with the Vintage Champagne Brunch available on Sundays 12pm - 3 30pm which would set you back at a whopping $188 per adult. The only rationality being the free flow of Moet and Chandon Grand vintage blanc 2006, Moet and Chandon Grand Vintage Rose 2004, selected cocktails/mocktails, house pour red/whites, draft beer and soft drinks. If the buffet spread isn't solid a reason enough to get you moving, we know the extensive beverage options will.

Monday to Saturday: 12 pm - 2 30pm
SGD 58 per adult
SGD 29 per child (6 -12yrs old)

Monday to Sunday: 6 30pm - 10 30pm
Sun - Thurs: SGD 78 per adult
SGD 39 per child

Fri and Sat: SGD 88 per adult
SGD 44 per child

Colony @ The Ritz Carlton
7 Raffles Avenue
t: 6434 5288

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