Decker Barbecue: Low and Slow

Let's begin by putting on the table what Decker Barbecue is and isn't. A date night place? NO, unless you're a no-frills, carnivorous girl like me; it wouldn't be such a brilliant idea lugging your first date to this place. For weight-watchers? HELL NO, the intimidating menu showcasing various meat cuts, all cooked low and slow to guarantee a satisfactory fat maintenance will leave you with heart palpitations all night. And vegetarians, you've already been warned, not unless you're going to go the mile and call fries a vegetable; then you've been warned. 

What it is, is a no-frills smokehouse, in al-fresco settings nonetheless boosting a straightforward menu of five to six meats - cuts include the perennial favourites beef brisket and spare ribs, pulled pork, chopped beef and chicken. Order your proteins by the weight and proceed to pimp it up with comforting American influenced sides such as the cornbread, kale salad and ubiquitous coleslaw. Perfect for those with kids, as the mess is pretty much an eminent situation here.

Decker Barbecue is a collaboration between Elliot Decker (owner of popular Smokehouse BBQ in Bali) and Singapore's Club Street Social. Hearing which, you know that your palette is in safe hands.

Back to the judgement stand, we opted for the Plate for 2 ($76) - choice of 3 meats (600g) and 2 sides. A real bargain for those who aren't so sure which meat to settle on or embody the "gotta catch em' all" mentality just a little too far. The Beef Brisket ($16/100g) is marvellous, flecked with fats and dry spices, the smoke ring on the cross-sections casting great first impressions. Cooked languidly overnight, the result is a melt-in-your-mouth amalgamation of gaminess and smoked fats that instantly liquefy on the tongue. We must also admit to being rather smitten with the Spare Ribs ($9/100g) - smoked and sans the usual sweet sticky glaze treatment; One could appreciate the dry spice rub combination with the porcine flavors in full glory. Grab the end of the rib and the meat with gingerly peel away from the bone - a great testament of its tenderness. The Pulled Pork ($10/100g) is another great alternative, the idea of shoving it onto fresh toast with juicy coleslaw, not crossing my mind till I witnessed the obvious combination after scanning through my photos later. Darn. Juicy pulled pork that departs from the usual sauce fettered versions, I couldn't resist bagging a little away for my pulled pork melt the next morning.

For sides, I would recommend the Kale Salad ($9/$18) which puts a nice corrective to the underlying sinful structure of the meal. Coleslaw ($6) grows on you after its slightly sweetish first impression, the flourish of carrots and purple carrots imparting healthy vibes and tinges of bitterness to keep things in check. 

Decker Barbecue is anything but gimmicky, and things are understandably stark. Grab a couple of chums here for a good time and put to rest a couple of craft beers, friggin' cold from the chillers. Since I'm a purist at heart - this is exactly the kind of place I would visit to sort out my itch for smoked meats

Decker Barbecue
60 Robertson Quay
t: 6635 8565

Operating Hours: 
Tues - Sat: 6pm - 11pm
Sun: 12pm - 11pm


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