Dallas Restaurant & Bar: Suntec City Sky Garden edition

With a snap of the fingers, 10 years have promptly flew past and the casual American inspired restaurant Dallas celebrates its 10th anniversary with the opening of a stunning new joint tucked away in the tropical garden hideout of Suntec City Sky Garden. Once touted to be the most secretive 'pak-tor' spot, you can now enjoy more intimate moments with your loved one, this time - in the comforts of an exquisite glass house.

Come sundown, the charming high-ceiling glasshouse takes on an almost glamorous facade - impressive island bar glistening like a beacon of hope against the mostly black marbled backdrop. Leather upholstery and elegant chandeliers give the space an effortlessly chic vibe whilst the al fresco space, boosted by a reflective pool feature, beckons for guests to enjoy an after-work tipple.

Food revolves around the carnivorous diet at Dallas, with the kitchen dishing out signature prime rib steaks and gargantuan platters of meat. Visuals wise, Dallas nails it - the roving of plates to diners tables an extremely excruciating experience as you await your food. So here's a little tip; get in on the appetizers first. 

The Snapper Fish Tacos ($22 for 3/ $8 for additional piece) impresses. Golden ingots of deep fried snapper surrounded by homemade pineapple chutney and lightly pickled Spanish onions and cabbage proves to be just the right ratio to the flour tortilla. Chipotle mayonnaise gorgeously drizzled across the lot, provides a salacious binding agent for the assault of flavors to begin. This trumps the Crispy Pork Belly Tacos ($14 for 3/$5 for additional piece),which makes you wish you had a plate purely showcasing the crispy pork crackling instead of having it doused in grossly rich aioli and rudely interrupted by guacamole wrapped in a tortilla. Neh.. we'll pass on that one. 

If you're looking for something to pair with your cold James Boag, there's the fiery Jalapeno Croquettes ($15) to escalate your thirst. Delicious nuggets of mashed spuds are mixed with a bechamel sauce and popped into a hollowed out jalapeno before being breaded and deep fried. Pulled back, the insides reveal a deluge of cream, with a tinge saltiness derived from shredded cheddar. Personally, I would have liked to have more chopped jalapeno peppers stowed in there for a better kick; but that's just me.

Dallas also serves up the good ole corn in true classic American style. Roasted to perfection and topped with Chipotle mayonnaise and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese - the Grilled Corn ($6) is a sight for sore eyes.
who eats tacos with a fork and knife anyway? Psstt
Returning back to the best things on the menu - the meats. Dallas does have an excellent contender in the city's steakhouse sweepstakes. In celebration of it's 10th birthday, the menu sees the introduction of 2 new dishes set to make waves. The Prime Rib Steak ($40) for instance is a 250g slab of no-nonsense 100-day grain fed Australian beef. Seasoned gingerly and slow roasted for 15hours, the result is this tender cut that sings in perfect unison with the accompanying mustards. On weekends, guests can enjoy FREE-FLOW of this premium cut at only $35 per person. eat that.

Then there's the mammoth Dallas Meat Platter ($70 for two/ $130 for four); a brilliant idea if you're hosting a bunch of meatlovers. I didn't taste any smoke in the meat, though I did pick up an interesting touch of sugar from the brine. Other than that, everything on the platter is great. The Grilled lamb cutlets were fall off the bone and had just the right amount of salt and pepper to keep you interested. Rotisserie Chicken hails from its sister restaurant, the Rotisserie; so, expect no less in quality. There's so much satisfaction to be had in burrowing into the juicy contents of the thigh. Splash on that black pepper sauce for more gratification. The pork ribs presented are passable whilst the prime rib steak, cooked medium rare invariably steals the limelight. I would implore you not to miss out on the duck fat roasted potatoes, those would blow your diet dreams out of the water.

The new Dallas restaurant offers a myriad of hearty meals and bar bites with modern flair to suit its healthy selection of wines and beers. Although I am in conflict with the sizable price tags of the appetisers, I daresay their new Meat Platter is a game changer and reason enough to visit the contemporary joint.

Dallas Restaurant and Bar
3 Temasek Boulevard
t: 6333 4068

Operating Hours:
Mon - Wed and Sat: 11 30am - 12am
Thurs - Fri: 11 30am - 1am
Sun: 11 30am - 11pm

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