Kanshoku Ramen @ Orchard Gateway: Keeping it real

It is never cold in Singapore. But since rain is in the air, often. What you want to be eating is ramen - a seemingly popular themed restaurant springing out like baby rabbits across the land - it's tonic effect against the chill (mostly from stepping in and out from blazing temperatures to frigid malls), highly regarded 

The first thing you should know at Kanshoku Ramen is that they make their own ramen, no commercial, over-alkalised nonsense here. Secondly, the two young men behind the shop have no kitchen experience prior to setting up the two instalments of Kanshoku. Passion-driven and fuelled by a need to provide good food at reasonable prices to the masses; hence the eye-catching location at Orchard Gateway mall - just mention 'Psst, you know the new blue ramen stall near Orchard Central?' - Everyone nods in unison.

Surely you've heard by now that the Black Truffle Ramen ($14.90) is the pride and joy of Kanshoku. But knowing how anti-establishment my food escapades are; I opted for the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen ($14.90) whilst the boy went the traditional route with the Signature Kanshoku Ramen($13.90). Addition of the Ajitama (+$2) is optional for highly mandatory for a complete ramen experience. 

The former is your usual pork laden broth with an addition of miso and spice for those who like their noodles kicked up a notch in the flavor department. If you've kept up with what I've been saying, you'll know that Kanshoka is a labor of love from two F&B noobs, hence don't expect large over-the-top flavors tethering on the ledge of over-excessiveness. Here, The Signature Kanshoku Ramen represents the traditional pork broth Kyushu Ramen -  a style notibly different from other ramen because of its rich, cloudy and hearty broth derived from mostly pork bones and sometimes combined with chicken or vegetable broth. Shame that the health conscious boys have decided to skim the soup, free of it's sheen of fat; the result - a milky (the shade of a white cold brew) broth devoid of the deep richness one would expect. I find consolation in the myriad of ingredients thrown in the mix, black fungus and aburi charsiu with a good smoky edge. The ajitame eggs varied in standard across the two bowls, revealing completely cooked centers in one and a mesmerizing deluge of yolk porn in the other. The only saving grace being the texture of the ramen, it's thin structure and tasty notes, a true representation of what ramen should be.

If you can get away with more food, be sure to make a pass at the Ohitashi Xiao Bai Cai ($4.90) - this unassuming platter of perfectly placed greens will have you choking down a laughter when its presented. But by no means are these to be overlooked, local greens blanched and then steeped in a dashi base sauce, served chilled; encapsulates crunch and umami with every bite. If that doesn't float your boat, there's the more sinful option of Chicken Kaarage ($6.90) served alongside kewpie mayonnaise and cubes of uber sweet watermelon. Not entirely sure about the heavy batter but at least there was a substantial amount of succulent meat within the chunks.

Kanshoku Ramen gives many of the nearby Ramen joints a good run for their money. Presenting clean cut choices tagged to economical price tags; one can't help but settle for the obvious choice instead of making a trip up several stories for Nantsuttei ramen at the risk of losing more hair from the looming presence of MSG. Definitely a recommendation, should you be looking for a quick meal around the area.

Kanshoku Ramen
277 Orchard Road
Orchard Gateway
t: 6384 4770

Operating Hours:
Daily: 11am - 10pm

Major thanks to Melvin and Yi Yuan for the invite. And sorry Melvin, you've got punked by the fiance. You and I, both.

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