Hansang Korean Family Restaurant: BBQ lovers unite

Hansang Korean Family Restaurant is no ordinary Korean BBQ. It's racy expansion from its comfortable enclave in Holland Village to the simple fit out in Square 2,  a demonstration of versatility and its basic attention to authenticity being highlighted with the more discerning crowds. Stove tops ring with satisfying, sizzling noises as gorgeously marbled meats turn a light shade of brown. Food here is so messy, you want to eat it in private. Perhaps the smaller the party, the better; that way you won't have to stave off too many wandering chopsticks.

The food here is inspiring, the Hansang Wagyu Set ($100 for 2) in particular, worth every penny. A mad display of wagyu boneless short rib, wagyu brisket, marinated sirloin and marinated boneless short rib greets the eye, each cooking perfectly with minimal effort under the charcoal grill. Extra special mentions going out to the marinated boneless short rib which was pretty darn tasty, aromatic fats flecked with smoke. The set is accompanied by a spectacle of sides including Korean pancake, sweet potato noodles, kimchi tofu stew, fresh vegetables, the mandatory Korean banchan, coffee/tea and a dessert to ring in the meal. Definitely a deal worth considering should the meat cravings kick in.

The Ja Jang Myon (black bean noodle) ($13) is worth your time. The salacious mess arriving in a gargatuan bowl larger than the size of my head! No less exciting is the Spicy Deep Fried Chicken ($15 for small) - an alarmingly red coating on the still crispy fried chicken doing a fleeting dubstep on the tongue. Since Hansang isn't your typical Korean fried chicken joint, I had my reservations at first, only to be proven wrong with a kick-ass version consisting of perfectly browned wings, a fundamental skill that not many famous joints can achieve 100% of the time.

For Korean BBQ lovers, the food will blow your mind, it's good, solid - and relatively affordable. Be swayed by my recommendations and you might just be rewarded with an awesome meal.

Hansang Korean Family Restaurant
10 Sinaran Drive
Square 2
t: 6397 6752

Operating Hours:
Daily: 11 30am - 10pm

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