Katong Kitchen: Peranakan Halal-certified Buffet

With a wealth of dining options in the east, it's hard to concur on a destination, especially in the influence of strong foodie friends. Fortunately, attending to both the needs of the diners in search of quality as well as quantity is the impressive halal-certified spread at Katong Kitchen, located on the 4th level of Village Hotel Katong.

From the superb regale to the decor, Katong Kitchen exudes similar nostalgic vibes from its wooden flooring to the marbled coffee table tops. Delighting its guests with a well formulated line up of both International and Peranakan inspired local cuisine since 2013. 

A quick glance of the room will reveal all stations in full view; despite its seemingly modest confinement, the detail is in the fabric. Each hot-hold revealing something mysteriously darkened and aromatic. 
Opt to start your meal with the cold seafood selection;, though i might strongly suggest you disregard the meagre selection and make a beeline for the kitchen's specialities instead. The spread stocks up oysters during weekend dinners (always good to know). Moving in a systematic fashion, progress on to sushi or sashimi or dwell further right to the grill station where chefs work hard to pump out a myriad of grilled meats and seafood.

A trip to Katong Kitchen wouldn't be complete without tasting its signatures such a Ayam Buah Keluak, Ayam Pangang smothered in copious amount of house-made Sambal Belacan, Laksa and Durian Pengat. The Ayam Buah Keluak is dressed to impress with chicken minced stuffed buah keluak still decorating the plate. Distinctively Peranakan in origin, the thick blackened gravy is flavoursome with a good hit of spice in its foray. Those who love their food just a wee bit more spicy would be delighted to know that the homemade Sambal Belacan sauce, served in a stone mortar and pestle bowl, goes well with just about everything.The Kueh Pie Tee impresses whilst the Wok Fried Squid and Hokkien Mee (yes you heard me right) warrants for multiple revisits. The richness of the prawn stock imminent in the latter. 

Do not miss out on the Katong Laksa while you're parading the line - undeniably coconut-rich broth proves to be calorie-worthy. Without any hesitation, scoot on over to the D-I-Y Rojak booth to try your hand at mixing up a well balanced salad; in which case, ratio of you-tiao to cucumber can be altered to fit your whims and fancies.

Wait with bated breath as the delectable and much coveted Durian Pengat graces the dinner table. Served in a shot glass, the creamy luscious mix of durian puree is prepared daily using only fresh durian meat hence its insanely rich yet light and airy constitution. In fact, go back for seconds and thirds.. we're not judging.

Buffets can hardly qualify as a favourite pastime of mine, but when it does boil down to choosing one, I prefer it to have specialities and signatures that are both trustworthy and irresistible. For that fact alone, the halal-certified Katong Kitchen proves to be a good choice for those looking to soak in some peranakan flavors whilst traversing the east. 

Daily buffet lunch - $38/adult; $19/child
Buffet Dinner (Mon - Thurs) - $48/adult; $24/child
Buffet Dinner (Fri - Sun, OH) - $58/adult; $29/child

Take note that Katong Kitchen is also running a lunch time promotion from Mondays to Fridays from 12pm to 2 30pm where guests can lunch for one hour for just $28++ inclusive of complimentary parking! 

Katong Kitchen
25 Marine Parade Road
t:6551 2141

Operating Hours:
Daily: 6 30am - 10pm

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