[Singapore Cocktail Week 2016] Top 10 Cocktails you must try: Part 2

Just in time for #TGIF celebrations, here's a continuation from where we left off in the first part of the [Singapore Cocktail Week Special]: Top 10 cocktails you must try. Despite my recent liver liberations making me feel giddy; someone has to do the dirty work (self voluntarily in this case). So with another 3 days, 12 cocktail bars (a mish-mash of staple establishments and guest bartender shifts) and 32 different cocktails (who's counting?) under my wing, here is my take on the other 5 cocktails you don't want to miss throughout the festival.

1) Charles Muse (Neon Pigeon)

Mark Graham Thomas, previously of Bacchanalia bar and general manager of Club39 has nestled at Modern Izakaya, Neon Pigeon parked on the once sleazy street of Keong Saik this SGCW. His preference for savory concoctions over sweet proving to be quite a challenge for the average palate to wrap their beak around; but truth be told, the Charles Muse, inspired by comfy carrot soup and the infamous Hot&Cold from Operation dagger is effin' delicious. Carrots are cooked down, with fennel, caramelised onions and a good measure of salt for that savoury element and blended to a umamified soup which is then shaken with tanqueray gin. The foam that glides effortlessly above the drink consisting of fresh apricot puree and cream together with fat-rushed rum for that buttery edge.

2) Rock and Rye (Operation Dagger)

A well hidden space -  a basement off the hustle and bustle of Ann Siang Hill - Operation dagger is practically a speakeasy. Here the Rock and Rye impresses, enlivened with ruby tones of seasonal stonefruit and oils expertly wrung from generous peels of lemon.

3) Swizzle with Swagger (Anti:dote)

A curious concoction with a good hit of local flavors, the Swizzle with Swagger combines Black monkey rum, gula melaka Falernum; which upon further investigation is a Carribean type spiced syrup cooked with gula melaka and tons more asian spices; and lime served with crushed ice. Too easy to drink if not for its crushing alcoholic effects masked by an innocent sweet facade.

4) All Shall Perish (HOD)

Highly recommended, the All Shall Perish comes fortified with subtle notes of ash and chocolate from the Mezcal, dashes of coffee brown Rabarbaro Nardini (rhuarb apertif) as well as Rhubarb bitters scenting the mix with a bodacious herbal drive. Great for those who love their tonic soups.

5) Sesame Street (Tess Bar)

Quite the charmer, sesame street, concocted by Diageo Reserve World Class S.E.A Bartender '2015, Steve Leong is perfectly balanced. Smoked Black sesame seed lacing the glassware wafts up memories of breakfast - peanut butter sandwiches, but it soon matures with a sip of the Old Fashioned inspired brew - Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon with orange bitters. Those interested in more local concoctions should head down to Timeout's kopitiam styled Jio You Cocktail Club where Steve Leong will be shaking up drinks, inspired by what else? - hawker fare. We've got Crab those Buns and pandan and coconut infused barley water medley Seah Street Power Nasi Lemak on the bucket list!

And there you have it... our Part 1 and 2 of the Top Cocktails to revel in the last two days of Singapore Cocktail Week 2016. So go forth and grab a drink of two; besides its friday night, there's really no excuse too. Or follow us on @thedrinkseekers Instagram for updates!

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