Kilo at Pact: Datenight surefire

When it comes to dining at Kilo at Pact, I'm a woman of few words. Especially after it dawned upon me that the successful kilo empire stemmed from its predecessor Raw Kitchen Bar which opened in the vicinity of Bukit timah's old fire station in 2008; my guilty conscience forcing me to recall how I condoned the outlet (mainly for its choice of outlandish pretentious location) to imminent death even before giving the kitchen a chance. Bad habit, yes I know. But fast forward 8 years and I'm swallowing my words, or rather, taking my time to savour the goodness of the unearthly sweet compressed watermelon as I dredge it through the delightfully perfumed red Thai curry gravy. Service here was gracious and kind, almost like a stab in the back as I relinquish the intimate dining experience founded by the essence of Kilo's communal spirit.

One dish that you must must must, and let me reiterate my strong urge to pin you don't, should you not - the Crispy Soft Shell Crab ($20) which features a generous serving of golden brown crusted babes drizzled or dunked in a side of red Thai curry gravy over a bed of compressed watermelon, pretty in pink and super sweet, they would make you wonder if you've been sleeping every time you shove a wedge of watermelon down your throat. Crispy is an understatement as the meaty protein coated with an ethereally light batter crackles under minimal pressure. Do make sure to get in there fast as these are best enjoyed when piping hot,

The meal eclipsed all expectations starting with the Naughty Pork Belly ($28) - tom yum bean and stew, side of crispy kale and a landslide victory of crispy pork belly punctuated with fats.

Another fantastic dish that obviously had stolen the limelight was the Cream of Ebiko pasta ($28) - strings of angel hair pasta luxuriate in a naturally thickened cream sauce with helpings of smelt roe and chives. Fresh king prawns grilled till the meat gingerly peels away from the shell adds to the overall utility of the decadent meal. Absolutely delicious and dare I say, just a little too much indulgence for one.

Kilo at Pact, may just be the perfect place to bring a potential mate to dinner. This, judging from the (overly tight) 'next door' situation at the long table. A couple that barely touched their food amidst languorous conversations about the missing years spent apart. 'Do I look better since the last time you saw me?' *dramatic pause*.  You look amazing now. Naww.. how sweet. Not to seem like a cynic, but I just puked in mouth. 

Kilo at Pact
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
t: 6884 7560

Operating Hours:
Lunch: 11 30am - 3pm
Dinner: 5 30pm - 10pm
Sun: 11am - 6pm

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