[NEW MENU] Hungry Heroes: Burgers Galore in the shadows of Superheroes.

I have high expectations when it comes to burgers. 

No shit, Sherlock (Hey, Captain America, I think I just said a bad word). *grimaces* Bad jokes aside, my intolerance for poorly constituted piles has become much talked about topic among fellow foodies. So upon arriving at Hungry Heroes and presented with a media-tasting menu that features 3 different burgers, not one of which was the conventional beef variation, my hairs stood on ends. 

But first, appetizers to let the Proper Job IPA slide down a little easier. Heros Fries ($10) and Clash of the Potato, Mayo and Scallions ($7) are diet fiends that may just be well worth its calories. The former is your usual skinny fries topped with a landslide victory of chilli con carne, criss cross drizzles of nacho cheese and then another solid lattice of mayonnaise overhead. Talk about overkill. I would however, point you in the direction of the latter, the clash of the potato, a winsome potato salad dish enhanced by crispy duck fat cooked potatoes, a zeng-ed kewpie mayo sauce and huge pilings of spring onion. Rub it all in and you're most certainly to overindulge on this course alone.

But listen, you've got to hold out for the Bacon Karate Chop with Honey Thyme Gastrique ($20) - seemingly named as it depicts the likely scene should one attempt to steal the last piece from other your nose. Sous-vide to ensure perfect doneness within, the final step cumulates in a smackdown of flavors as the lardaceous treat meets the visciously hot frying pan. 'The epitome of shiokness' , I would do nothing to displace their braggadocio in this case. 

If you're looking for something a little hearty, have no qualms about making a beeline for the ridiculously named Nuclear Fission Angus Beef Cheek ($27), the corridors dominated by an incongruously beefy smell emanating from the dish as it whisked to our table. The kitchen affords to produce this wallet-savvy dish by putting the pressure cooker to good use as they braised the beef cheek in veal just till tender fall-off-the-bone. Despite the champion disintegrating in the mouth with ease, the sad thing was the fact that the protein itself was underseasoned and lacking the punch of spices that could have well been incorporated during the power cooking process. It was fine, but unremarkable, tasting like one of those beef stews your grandma would cook up for a family feast.
 Not that I'm complaining..

From my first taste of the brioche buns. I knew I would love the burgers at Hungry Heroes. Not so much the Spider Pig Burger ($21) which hand shredded pork shoulder was perhaps two notches too high on the sweetness scale to thoroughly enjoy. The unruly interception of raw pineapple injecting rather aberrant fibrous quality to its overall composition.  I much prefer the The Roost (BAMZ! Chicken Burger) ($21) - a hunky chunkie slab of fried chicken leg, pineapple cilantro coleslaw and cajun mayo sandwiched between toasted buns. Qualifying as one of the better chicken burgers I've had on local shores. Only because the crumbing wasn't so ridiculously thick and the chicken skin, sufficiently dried off had adhered to the batter with much intimacy; leaving no pockets of steam for an evident soggy mess. Bang for buck too, considering it is accompanied by handcut fries and tangy salad with more creamy coleslaw. #nuffsaid

Last but not least, the Mother of all Chicken Burgers ($32) conjure up fond remembrances of a dish that I had have recently. Wait... wasn't that the Roost Chicken burger? Damm straight, the motherload is a striking image of the humble chicken burger, but on steroids.. here, there are 2 Fried chicken leg 'patties'  layered alternately with caramelized onions, coleslaw, pickled jalapeno, tomato, cajun mayo and that delicious thick cut bacon karate chop we had earlier. Don't know how this stack is even standing as it is whisked to the table, but the disintegration took place fast and furious. On a datenight and looking forward to some lady and the tramp spaghetti bolgonaise action without the pasta? - this could be the best alternative yet. 

It's not surprising that Hungry Heroes is quickly approaching its second year of business - decorated with countless original superhero memorabilia collected by the owner over 25 years and lit by a chandelier showpiece decked out in action figurines; the space alone attracts its fair share of clientele; everyone from fanboys to little children. That aside, with the casual space, wallet friendly grub and thoughtful drink offerings here, I wouldn't be surprised if Hungry Heroes becomes my go-to American diner.

Hungry Heroes
33 Tessensohn Road
t: 6295 5401

Operating Hours:
 Mon - Fri: 4pm - 11pm
Sat - Sun: 12pm - 11pm

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