Flee Away Cafe: Fly me to the Moon

Flee Away Cafe has long been on my to-do list. Unfortunately it was a mission I've never came to succeed till a recent event organised by the good folks at Openrice and Nikon. 

After a rather heart pulsating play session with some of the Nikon cameras brought in for us, invitees, to fiddle with; we settled down to a feast of rather strange proportions.

Here, customers are fazed with a menu filled with Willy-Wonker versions of the usual sandwiches. A tad sceptical first at the outcome, I was completely taken by this understated concept at the end of dinner. Vowing to head back to satiate the anticipated craving for Le Char Kueys that I could see shuffling its way into my heart.

The Le Char Kuey with Chicken Bak Kwa  ($15.50) that hit every flavor on the grid at once was sensational with chewy oddments of honey chicken bak kwa stuffed in crusty you tiao over crushed cream crackers tossed in wasabi mayo. The usage of the word 'Le' making reference to the employment of the French baguette normally in a sandwich, except that here, a custom made super-sized you tiao is used as a carb substitute. As strange as it sounds, this combination was everything I could ask for after a devastating day at work.

The Le Char Kuey with Dry Laksa ($15.50) is another popular option with diners. Filled with fish cake, boiled egg, noodles and laksa sauce, this didn't quite float my boat as the one-noted textures did nothing to liven up the mix.

Another successfully innovative dish in Flee Away Cafe's repertoire is the Tau Kwa Salad with Grilled Chicken Sausages ($12.50). Spices are spread onto the slices of tau kwa before grilling hence each acquiring a smoky sweet layer of caramelization on its surface that sang beautifully with the lightly seasoned greens.

Other dishes to watch our for are the Chicken Luncheon Meat Chips and the Beef Hash Pie tee ($12.50 for 6); the latter reinventing the classic kui pie tee with heaping amounts of American chow down, corned beef hash. Love at first taste.

Such is our love for the nostalgic factor in the food items here that we continued with the Waffle with Gula Melaka Pudding ($8.50), a wrong move considering it's disappointing delivery on the grounds of an overly eggy waffle with slightly dense innards and an oddly gummy and tasteless sago pudding perched on the top of the griddled square. The thin gula melaka sauce doing nothing for the fading flavors,

Oh, but the Irish Cream Mud Pie ($8.50) raised the bar slightly with its creamy dark and opposing vanilla-ry tones in contention with each other. The shaved chocolate overhead providing a bit of crunch.

Out of all the fine tastiness that came our way, it is the Le Char Kuey with Bak Kwa that keeps this cafe front and centre in my heart and mind. I will definitely be making a beeline for Flee Away for a repeated iridescent experience soon.

Flee Away Cafe
70 Dunlop Street

opening times: 
Mon-Thu: 11 00 - 21 00
Fri - Sat: 11 00 - 22 00
Sunday: 10 00 - 17 00

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