Seasonal Taste @ The Westin Singapore: What do you fancy?

That's a sight to behold. The elaborate spread on the dessert counter beckoning out to me upon entering the premises of Seasonal Tastes, the signature dining premises of the new Westin Hotel Singapore, located on the 32nd floor of the Asia Square Tower 2.

Since it was a Monday, that was technically Mama Mia Pasta Night featuring a live pasta cooking section in the buffet line as its highlight. I brushed the irrational decision to dive head in for dessert and navigated the line like a regular commuter would. 

This large spacious premises (with some of the more secluded corners blessed with boulevard views to die for) is a congregated hot pot for a myriad of cuisines. From grilled lobsters to Indian pakoras, marmite chicken to lobster Russian salad with vodka mayonnaise; the spread had a little something to please even the most finicky of palates.

Since it was pasta night, it didn't take much persuasion to sway its way. I had a go at the Vegetable Lasagna, a decent rendition which didn't exactly hold a formula for excitement but was tidy in execution; apart from certain portion of the dish where I stumbled upon some harder, uncooked pieces of eggplant. The Mushroom Tortellini Aglio Olio was not complicated at all but most of it tastes good enough to justify the gratifying belly rubbing motion at the end of the meal. The blatant use of crispy garlic working well with the subtle filling of mushroom wrapped within the tortellini's delicate flesh.

The Roast Beef was too narrow minded. Sinewy and a tad on the dry side. Make your way around the deceptively attractive looking Marmite Chicken as well, overly battered and disappointing. I recommend the sashimi, solid enough for a small meal on its own for the peckish. From the roasted meats and local noodles section to the more exotic Gosht Gaag (mutton cube with spinach sauce); it is clear as day where the skills of the kitchen lay, with the latter, hence save a little space for the briyani.

For the chef's special, the Lobster Thermidore was perfectly seasoned; fresh lobster topped with a bechamel sauce made from white wine and gruyere cheese, with a tinge of mustard to inspire the concoction. Eat this piping hot to avoid being disappointed by a cold clammy unpalatable situation.

If you're still not satisfied at the end of the meal,  round it all up with a trip to the dessert line. The pride and joy of the crew at Westin lies in their in-house Gelato. My bets are placed on the Avocado and Dark chocolate flavors, the former doesn’t require that adventurous a palate to stomach as the natural creaminess of the avocado blends so sneakingly into the smooth mixture. The classic chocolate flavour offers a bittersweet happy ending you won’t quite find anywhere else as the robust earthiness of the dark chocolate runs truly and freely with every bite.

Up in the air, Seasonal Tastes is spared from the bustle of the activity from the streets below. It’s luxurious layout offers a spacious breezy affair with an unfussed range of savouries and desserts. Embark on a gastronomic journey that’s fuelled by the intermittent breaks of pacing the room and taking in the sights. Here, the views of the bay and calm waters in the distant are a temporary distraction from the hearty dishes and the daily grind.

Priced at $42++ for lunch and $62++ for dinner. The Seasonal Tastes buffet offers a range of daily specials to target the specific food fanatics. So choose a day, and knock yourselves out!

MondayMama Mia Pasta NightSelection of handmade pasta and sauces
TuesdayGerman ClassicsPerennial favorites such as crispy pork knuckle, farmer’s meatloaf, braised veal shank, bratwurst, kassler and sauerkraut
WednesdaySweet SweetsMouthwatering dessert spread which includes profiteroles, mini cakes, cupcakes, macarons and berry pink chocolate fountain with marshmallows and fruits
ThursdayCarving & RoastsSmorgasbord of roasts and prime cuts
FridaySeafood NightAll time favorite buffet night with our freshest selection of crustaceans and salmon sashimi

Fundamentally Flawed dined as a guest of Seasonal Tastes. A major thanks to Hungry Go Where for arranging the dinner.

Seasonal Taste
32, The Westin Hotel
Asia Square Tower 2
12 Marina Square View


dairycream ng said...

I fancy the desserts! Sweet Sweets Wednesday sounds like a perfect night for me :P

SiHaN said...

dairycream ng: you should go try it! cause I feel like their desserts have the most potential!