Revolution Coffee: Single Origin Coffee Roasters

Fans of the widely popular Single Origin Coffee Roasters in Sydney, hold on to your horses, now you can get your fix at Revolution Coffee at the coveted location along Media Circle! Having just came back from Sydney not long ago, I was more than thrilled to see the Reservoir blend being lugged back to our local shores. Thank goodness for the tenacity of owner Ajie Pramana, who saw his love for the humble roast to the end with the manifestation of this precious cafe.

With a menu conceptualised by Shen Tan; of the now defunct Wok and Barrel and new kid on the block Ujong, I prepared myself for a treat after a successful trip down coffee alley. My skim latte, full bodied with a good touch of bitterness on the finishing notes were a perfect late morning pick-me-up.

It doesn't take much convincing to be sold on the idea of the Pancakes with Gula Melaka Butterscotch and Bananas ($13), sounding completely like a dream team to begin with, this dish delivers on every level. The fluffy pancakes receiving a standing ovation welcome at the table. Every swipe of that rich palm sugar butterscotch inciting obscene moans from my family members.

And then you have the Corned beef hash ($13),  a play on the local favorite Malay dish, bergedel. . It's an attractive duo of golden crispy patties filled with a spicy corned beef hash. As much as I do agree with a little bit of spiciness with the referencing to Malay food, however, the dish tripped up majorly with a over gregarious overloading of chili padi throughout the filling that rendered the rest of the spices invisible. Perhaps a pinch of sweetness would have helped to soothened out the overbearing heat.

Big Brunch Breakfast ($16.90) is a good option for the ravenous versus the peckish; whilst my dish of 
Baked Eggs ($12) failed to impress with an overall lack of seasoning in the mix of capsicum, mushrooms, herbed potatoes and beef sausage hidden underneath the smouldering crust of cheddar cheese melt. Did I mention the door stopper sourdough toast I got on the side? I almost cracked my teeth biting down on that one.

Despite it's hits and misses, Revolution Coffee does seem capable of stealing the hearts of a regular clientele base, raking in the folks with its genuineness and respect for coffee. I, for one, might just head down for another cuppa soon!

Revolution Coffee
21 Media Circle

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