Suprette: a Top 3 Burger...

The end of my burger drought came in the form of a Suprette Burger ($20, +$3 for extra bacon), this was not just another pretty looking burger stack as it seems like, and somehow I can't get it out of my mind. Here at Suprette, the kitchen doesn't stinge, loading the wax-paper lined platter with an initially intimidating mountain of fries that would unknowingly disappear in a matter of time; seconds optional and highly dangerous. The cook on the beef patty was spot on, a slight pink in the middle teasing me with it's moist innards. The melted gruyere cheese forming a nappage over the patty, lending that edge of complex savoury notes to the construction. 

First trip was a charm. Now it was time to put it to my test of 'repeated visits'

The Ken's Heart Attack Burger ($45) is the most dressed-up  version of a burger I've ever laid eyes on. Reaching staggering heights with a double patty, bacon, gruyere and mushrooms all layered by a master builder in the confines of his kitchen. The strips of perfectly fried bacon with the gooey cheese making it a comforting mess of umami and saltiness with a touch of earthiness from the mushrooms. As much as the monster burger carried sensible flavors, it would be crazy not to share this with someone. 

My verdict  on this burger aligned with the many opinions I've heard thus far, this is your secret go-to burger. One that fills the voids of broken dreams and horrid days. The cat's out of the bag.

Did I mention that fries are a free flow affair. Eat that...

Kam Leng Hotel Lobby
383 Jalan Besar
S ( 209001)
Tel: 6298 8962

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