Saveur: [The Hundred-Foot Journey] Menu

In line with the release of The Hundred-Foot Journey, popular, affordable French joint, Saveur has created an exclusive French-Indian 3 course fusion menu which fundamentally flawed had the privilege of tasting at it's pre-launch event.

If you've not watched the trailer, you're missing out on a great deal. For your benefit, here you go!

Starting off with Saveur's pre-existant signature dishes disguised in the form of canapes these prep our appetites for the real bollywood fiestas ahead. The delightful trio displayed so daintily on the platter hitting all the right notes, the trademark Saveur pasta of capellini with chilli oil, finely chopped konbu, topped with minced pork sauce, chives and sakura ebi was a stunner and I wished there and then I had an entire bowl to tuck into. I was equally enamoured with the Salmon Confit paired with a delicate combination of apple and fennel tossed in lemon vinaigrette. The Duck Rillette did not take flight with a rather stodgy crostini that did nothing to highlight the complexities of the quenelle.

That aside, the real question still remains. How did the fusion component in the subsequent dishes go?

Starting off with the first course, the Seafood Bouillabaisse; here the brash fishy flavors of lobster and fish lend themselves to the broth, tempered by an over the top scoop of curry powder that hadn't been cooked out yet thus leading to a chalky mouth feel in the dish; or perhaps it could have been the blending of cooked fish into the soup that led to that texture; I give them the benefit of the doubt. The elegant pieces of seafood perched on top of the playful stew were expertly cooked except for the sea bass which had been seared just a little too gregariously.

Lamb shoulder, too reflected Saveur's eagerness to incorporate the mastery of Indian flavors into traditional french techniques. Here, lamb shoulder is braised with "curry de madras" and served with coco bean cassoulet. A traditional South Indian curry is a tricky one to master, and Saveur's version unfortunately fell short -white the lamb was sufficiently tender, the spices that accompanied tasted watered down and could have used a lifting of flavors with a final addition of yogurt.

Alternatively, order the classic Duck Confit with truffle mash if you're not a fan of the lamb's gaminess. The orange segments and orange infused jus deftly balances out the dish's composition, highlighting the succulent flesh with a rousing crisp cap of skin. A star quality dish.

If you're already full by then, try to practise a bit of meditation because the course that follows is not to be missed out. Mind over matter. The Tarte au citron is a dessert that comes highly recommended. A puckery dish made of smittereens of goodies scattered over the plate that melds into a perfect mouthful with every spoon. Buttery crumbs of sable breton, tangy rich lemon curd, sweet vanilla bean speckled mousseline, intense hits of sour from lemon gelee cubes, meets pillowy marshmellow kisses and that oh-so-crisp citrus tuille. It disappears all a little too quickly from the plate. *burps*

At $36.0++, the Hundred-Foot Journey menu is slightly pricey, but showcases the tenacity of the young chefs at work in the Saveur kitchens. As much as it delivers on it's French promises, the Indian aspect is a bit of a let down. Well, nobody said that fusion was going to be easy hey? Running from the 1st August to the 14 September exclusively, try it at your own will.

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza, #01-07B
Singapore 228213
T: 6736 1131

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