The Lokal: The Good and the Bad

With the Lokal cafe, there were a glaring amount of performance disparities, adamant even on my first visit about a month ago. The highs bringing me to dizzying heights, breath stopping moments. Like this Toasted Banana Bread ($12.00) which I'm so fixated on waxing lyrical about except that I figured the drool-worthy photos would suffice. Served warm with a sexy sluice of homemade vanilla yogurt forming a pristine blanket enveloping the slightly crusty slice, roasted macadamias are then sprinkled over the heavily caramelized bananas, pushed to the brink of the mallard reaction. The light dusting of confetti like lime and lemon rind over the yogurt act like pockets of sunshine, clearing the palette for the next rapacious bite.

Definitely the best piece of banana bread I've had since my return from the land down under thus far. 

To say that the next dish that followed suite was less successful would be a massive understatement. I cringe at the lack of culinary muscle and professionalism demonstrated in our next experience. It was the Toastie of the Day ($14) that brought my enchanting moment to an abrupt end. The proclaimed 'Tomato, mushroom and cheese toastie' first arrived at the table sans the tomatoes, pompously flaunting inch thick toasts on both sides. When we questioned the staff about the stolen identities, instead of having the dish brought back to the kitchen and reassembled, we had a service tray containing two measly grilled tomatoes brought to our presence.

 "The chef left out the tomatoes from the toastie, we're sorry". 

Moments of awkward silence passed. erm..."And, by the way, there is hardly any cheese in there too" says S, motioning to the absolutely spartan innards of the sandwich. 

"Would you like us to take it back and make another one for you Sir?"

oh geez, I thought you would never ask... "Yes, please"

A good 20 minutes later, the toastie made it's comeback to the table. Mushrooms had no inkling of seasoning and to make matters worse, it was burnt on one side and a sickly white on the other. oh come on... We took two bites and walked out of the restaurant. Silently retreating whilst the memory of that ambrosial banana bread still remained fresh in our minds.

愛你沒差 那一點時差 
你離開這一拳給的 太重
我的心找不到 換日線 它在哪

The Lokal
136 Neil Road
0888865 Singapore
T: 6423 9918

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