Saboten @ Orchard 313:

The debate is tireless. And the outcome of it, an eventual tie between the tonkatsu giants Tonkichi and the underdog Saboten. The referencing drawn only because of my extreme biasness towards Tonkichi (can't help it... too much sentimental value attached to the place).

For those who aren't aware, tonkatsu chain Saboten recently closed it's outlet at Parco in Milennia walk and opened a brand new spruced up version in 313@somerset. Westies.. relax, the branch in IMM mall still lives. Fret not.

With a mission in tow (weighing Saboten against Tonkichi after the recent dismissal of Ma Maison); we dropped in the new outlet, emboldened by the bewitching lure of the opening promotion for 50% off on the second set ordered (major thanks to @lobangsg for the heads-up). 

The restaurant has ditched its usual zen like ambience for a set of brighter lights that results in a imposing opulent quality that somehow makes the experience seem a little too regal and formal for my liking. 

Food wise, Saboten performs the standard rituals, cold cabbage served with your choice of yuzu vinegar dressing or velvety smooth sesame sauce. That stuff is what dreams are made of. The miso soup and chawanmushi however were nothing to shout about and neither was the pork. Instead of belts of golden caramelised fats, the pork cutlet had a rather patchy distribution of marbling with large knobs of it stationed at the tips of the loin, rendering the rest of the deprived flesh a tough act to swallow. Yes, I do have to agree that it is slightly more tender than Tonkichi's version, however, the soggy bottoms of the non-adhering crumbing just throws it off its game. 

Dear boyfriend, I'm still a Tonkichi girl at the end of the day. Bite me.

Orchard 313

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