The Ugly Cake Shop: Sweet nothings and a {GIVEAWAY}

From one 2-in-1 foodie and baker to another,  one can be sure that Lisa Tan knows what she's talking about when it comes to cakes. Her labor of love, the Ugly Cake Shop churns out confectioneries both toothsome to the palate and sweet to the heart; armed with a belief to spread the love, Lisa has pledged to donate 20% of the proceed to support the meals of undernourished kids in Timor-Leste. Delicious artisanal cakes for a worthy cause.

One thing to note, if you do have pre-conceived notions about cupcakes being just dried out mini cakes with a ton of sickly sweet frosting over the top, be prepared to have these challenged when you get a load of Lisa's handmade versions. Using only high quality basic ingredients such as cocoa powder, butter and chocolate, the results speak for themselves in the form of rich, moist petit cakes that are even addictive on its own. Lisa then kicks it up a notch, employing her marvellous pastry skills to produce silky smooth frostings, both ganache and Italian meringue buttercreams which leaves a pleasant mouth-feel (accompanied by numerous eye-rolling motion).

Some of her signature flavors include Zesty Zee ($4 per cupcake and $55/7 inch, $70/9inch). My personal favourite, Sally, featuring an indulgent dark chocolate cake crowned with a delicate wisp of peanut butter frosting, a little salt thrown in for good measure. Cross over to the dark side with her Big Daddy Junior ($3.50/cupcake), guaranteed to please any chocolate snob in the room.

Another crowd pleaser is the ever so popular salted caramel cupcake named Juliana, recent R&D efforts in the kitchen have blessed these beauties with a magic dusting of sea salt flakes, pushing this creation across óut-of-this-world' boundaries.

Melissa is the newest addition to the group, made similarly out of an addictive dark chocolate cupcake base christened with an innocent looking strawberry frosting, hiding a deep dark secret of its salacious hook up with rum.

Thanks to the kind folks at Ugly Cake Shop, Fundamentally Flawed is holding a {GIVEAWAY} where you'll stand a chance to win a box of 4 cupcakes, each box containing one Zesty Zee, one Melissa, one Sally and one Big Daddy cupcake!

All you have to do is
  1. Like my facebook page and comment on this blogpost with your favorite cake flavor in the world (including your name and email address)
  2. Follow fundamentally_flawed on instagram
and you're in the running to win a set of these wholesome cupcakes from UGLY CAKE SHOP. Hurry as the contest closes on the 11th September!

t:  8288 8300


Michelle Chiang said...

Favourite cake flavour : salted caramel!


Yap Yi Huang said...

Favourite cake flavour in the world: peanut butter

Name: Yi Huang

CHIN OI LIN said...

Melissa (Strawberry, Rum & Dark Chocolate Cupcakes)

chin oi lin

Yuan Zhen said...

Dark chocolate cake!

Yuan Zhen

yuanzhen said...

Dark chocolate cake!

Yuan Zhen

Magical pen of thoughts said...

Favourite cake flavour in the world: Lemon!

Hou Yan'an

M. said...

Blackforest is my all-time favourite!

mia (dot) nue at gmail (dot) com

Unknown said...

Red Velvet is my all-time favorite!
Thank you for holding this giveaway!

Name: Vu Quynh Huong

dairycream said...

Too many but to pick one flavour: Green Tea? ;)

Li Tian

The Bakerlily said...

Mmm, it's gotta be a fudgey dark chocolate!

Natalie Cheang

Thanks for hosting the giveaway, your pictures look super YUMMYYY ^^

Shermaine said...

Hi Sihan!

My favourite cake in the world is peanut butter cake, which is similar to The Ugly Cake shop's Sally... it sounds soooooo goodilicious with your description! :)

Thanks for sharing the delicious pictures with us! Hoping to try 'em soonest!

Email is:

Anonymous said...

My favourite cake in the world is Sally! Chocolate+Peanut Butter Is the best combination in the world!

Althea Chan
IG Divine.Tarot

Anonymous said...

Being a die hard Chocolate fan, it will be BIG Daddy! The Ugly Cake Shop produces confectionary masterpieces that intertwines rich flavor and texture. Your mood get uplifted instantly just by looking at it. I would love to indulge in these dreamy creamy cupcakes! Thanks for sharing!

Jake said...

Dark Chocolate has always been my weakness! Thanks for sharing the delicious food pictures :)


ig name: jakebigfoot

Unknown said...

I love everything matcha!!


Unknown said...

I love everything matcha!!


Claire said...

Of all the cupcake flavours i have tried, my absolute favourite cupcake flavour would have to be lemon coconut. The zesty sharp lemon curd balances well with the sweet crunch of the coconut flakes and vanilla cupcake base. Would love to win a box of these cupcakes from The Ugly Cake Shop as i have been hearing so much raves about them! :)


Cheryl Ong said...

Favourite cake flavour has to be chocolate and raspberry! :D Just discovered your blog and love that you write from a pastry chef's point of view :)


Melvin said...

Favourite flavour: dark chocolate fudge with mixed berries

thanks for the contest!

Name: melvin
Email: melvintan88 @ outlook (dot) com

Anonymous said...

anything with strawberry is the best!

p.s Melissa looks hot