{KL}: Burger investigations at #ieatburgers

My indecent obsession with burgers continues across the causeway, where a recent trip up to Kuala Lumpur saw me conquering burger joints and attending the #ieatburgers event orgnised by friedchillies.

Let's start off with My Burger Lab located in Petaling Jaya. Well loved for its quirky menu and charcoal powder dyed buns, the place was teeming with life when I arrived on a late Friday evening. A persistent queue of hungry diners lining from wall to wall.

I had the Beautiful Mess ($18), beef patty, fried portobello, sunny side up, cheddar cheese. And honestly, it sure up the anty on the 'mess' factor, the pattys consisting of such grounded down meat mixture that its somewhat crisp exterior gave way to a sloppy mess halfway through. In fact, the fried portobellos assumed a more desirable texture than the beef patty itself, it's juicy squared off innards benefiting from the breaded and deep fried treatment. The sunny side up egg that crowns off this tethering stack bearing  a slight resemblance to airport scrambled eggs with a ton of cream thrown in for the bulking. Not exactly the best burger it claims to be.

Moving on... the stars magically aligned to get me the privilege of participating in the I EAT BURGERS event in Kuala Lumpur on the 7th June just when I was there over the short weekend trip. A coincidence you may say? I believe it was destiny that brought us together. 

Organised by the Fried Chillies , this fiesta brings 20 of the best burgers in Klang Valley together. Like an orgy of heart clotting transgressions... I descended very quickly to feed my vices.

These were some of the burgers stalls I sampled from that day (in no particular order of merit, click on the links for some lucid food pornography)

Some of the memorable ones for me include the Chili Beef Concar-nay Burger and Buffalo Soldier Burger from Burger Junkyard; Kak Ana famous 'I Love You' Burger and Steam & Grill's Serunding Burger. 

Of all, Burger Junkyard scored the highest in regards to the bun, the spongy butter brioche buns still retaining that slight savoury edge to enhance the sweeter fillings that were noticeably more innovative than its neighbouring stalls. The Buffalo Soldier burger is a grilled chicken burger smothered in buffalo hot sauce, glazed with cool sour cream and a celery infused cheddar. Nicely balanced with a good ratio of filling to bread. Steam and Grill's unorthodox methods of preparing the meats create an almost Malaysian stylised beef patty; the combination of steam and grill ensure a higher level of moisture is retained, resulting in a pulled beef texture filled with asian spices and marinades. Definitely a star in the making.

But never straying from the search of the best Ramly burger, I stumbled upon Kak Ana Green Apple and their 'I Love You' burger. From the moment the patties hit the grill to the stage where a slew of hot sauces and creamy white mayonnaise are showered over the top; this baby cries out to be picked up. A streamlined perfection assembly of chicken and beef patty separated by a fried egg and those signature green apple slices helping to cut through the absurd greasiness. Brilliance. I attacked this one like hungry pack of wolves.

Singapore... we could use an event like that now.. TOP 10 burger food festival perhaps? 

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