Roadhouse: Integration

Integrating myself back into Singapore society is in all honesty, a painfully dreadful task. 

What better way to start then on more familiar grounds. Let's ease into this transition. Starting off at a burger joint. Baby steps. My chest heaves in the humidity of the air, the heat slapping me in the face. I say a silent prayer... break it to me gently please.

The Roadhouse is a modern American diner shining the spotlight on burger artistry. It comes across as simply a restaurant with good food and earnest intent that just happens to be in one of the coolest spaces in the city. Inside, the feeling is almost "ironic suburban". with expansive family tables primed with chili flake shakers and good ole whimsical school diner lights hanging overhead. I settled in comfortably, only slightly bothered by the unfamiliar singlish jargon floating in the air. It will take time...

Kicking off the welcome back party were the Spicy Garlic Parmesan Wings (5 for $14), before you jump to conclusions, these are 5 single joints not 5 entire wings including both drumlets and wings. Pretty pricey in my opinion, these prove to be just mediocre, the BBQ sauce a little too acidic and one dimensional in flavor profile. 

The burgers come in variety of ingredient pairings; the menu proving to be a tough one to navigate if you're as fickle minded a person as I am. I went forth with the Bacon Marinated ($26), soft buns baked in house, beef patty sizzled on the josper grill; gorgonzola, streaky bacon, caramelized onions, garlic mayonnaise and sauteed mushrooms form the other layers. Similar to a brioche sans the unnecessary sweetness and sometimes overwhelming richness, the cloud like buns are a perfect canvas for this juicy mess. I just wish there was more gorgonzola on there... Verdict: this burger tickled my fancy, ticked off all the boxes that qualifies it as a good burger but still it's not the best I've tried. I continue my search for greener pastures.

His, High on Shrooms ($26) featuring forest mushrooms, truffle oil, rocket, monterey jack and garlic mayonnaise. Definitely an overkill in the truffle oil department, but the name says it, so no whining there.

13 Dempsey Road

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