Maggie Joan's: Lunch affairs and the Prince of Pasta

Adding to the diversity of its night menu, Maggie Joan's rolls out equally delicious lunch exclusives that have the intention of setting the days' grievances right without taking too big a wedge from your wallets.

Taking inspiration from familiar Mediterranean flavors, the lunch menu delves in the same field without being too overly abstract. Start your meal off with the usual.. their Homemade Sourdough still rakes in as one of the best renditions I've had the blessing of slathering butter on, and not any normal butter at that, we're talking Smoked Beef Fat Butter... yes, talking about over-indulgence here.

Thinking of having something light to share, the Cured Salmon Tartare ($17) pulls out all the stops with an amalgamation that offers something savoury, light yet immensely satisfying, befitting of the short clock-out time. Refined doesn't even begin to cut it, it's just sweet enough, salty enough, sour enough to make you wonder why wouldn't Maggie Joan's just go ahead and serve these on rice bowls? Then again, there's more than enough poke joints in the region... tsk. Served with pickled cucumbers, sourdough crouton and Greek yogurt, it's a flawless combination.

Arancini ($9) has a more rugged crunch. Risotto enveloped in various cheeses ranging from gorgonzola, epoisse, langers and ricotta; each serving a different purposes is breaded and fried till golden brown; they're like mozzarella balls refined to the nth degree.

Heartier dishes pulls its punches on the simple menu as well. The Gypsy Style Baked Egg, Chickpea Stew and Chorizo ($16) holds its own despite my adversity to chickpeas (strangely, I'm a stickler for hummus), the soft-set eggs amidst a jargon of spices and stew, perfect for dredging your toast thru.

The more familiar dishes are also some of the better executed. diving into the Homemade Pappardelle, lamb ragu and Parmigiano Reggiano ($26) mimics the eating styles of myself when in a foreign country. Tidy portions that are big on flavors. The robust flavoured ragu and shavings of cheese overhead making an insane pairing with the tarty 2014 Vignamaggio Chianti Classico ($21) Tuscan red in a glass. 

All danger of dullness is obliterated when the Fried Chicken Sandwich shows up. Yes, I'm biased like that.

The Fried Chicken Sandwich ($18) with Harissa slaw and slices of pecorino cheese in between homemade buns is prepared used poulet jaune des landes (French yellow chicken), the result is succinctly tender and moist with a solid crumb, softened ever so slightly by the wet slaw overhead. This is a burger with so much finesse displayed that it has to dubbed a sandwich instead.

Sweet relief comes in the form of a slice of Dark Chocolate Tart ($10) which consists of 60% dark cocoa barry chocolate ganache on buttery pate sable with a tiny layer of salted peanut paste underneath and a sprinkle of almond rocher round the edges. Creme fraiche provides a much need sour dimension to the otherwise overtly rich affair. Note that the daily special dessert changes... rather frequently too, so gratification only comes with a bit of luck.

This exquisite lunch menu is available from 12 pm to 2 30 pm from Mondays to Fridays.

On a separate note, Maggie Jones will be hosting a powerhouse of pasta from down under this weekend. Sharing their valuable kitchen space with Prince of Pasta, Acme's chef and co-owner Mitch Orr who would be dishing out specials inspired by Asian flavors coupled with a passion for Italian cuisine. An idea of the menu pans out like this: Think Baloney Sandwich with mortadella and potato bread and Filipino sisig inspired Macaroni with pigs head and egg yolk. We expect things to get a little frisky with the lure of alcoholic tipples to accompany the intriguing offerings. The menu is available for pre-order on Chope at $75 per person for lunch and dinner on 16th (lunch and dinner) and 17th (dinner only) September. Scoot on over to make your reservations.

Maggie Joan's
110 Amoy Street
(Entrance from Gemmill Lane)
t: 6221 5564

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 12 - 2 30pm; 6pm - 11pm
Sat: 6pm - 11pm
Sun: Closed

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