SUN with MOON explores Kyushu Japan!

SUN with MOON is a cosy, intimate restaurant and cafe nestled on the third floor of Wheelock Place. Starting this September, they are launching On the Food Trail "Kyushu!", the ninth edition of a gastronomic journey to the southernmost Japanese island with a valued reputation for its natural wonders, hot springs, and of course, amazing food. Working together with Fukoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SUN with MOON is sourcing for the freshest, most exceptional ingredients and bringing the distinctive flavours of Kyushu to you.

Kyushu has many prefectures, each with their own specific delicacies. What unites them all is the quality Hon Maguro, the Bluefin Tuna Sashimi, SUN with MOON only serves sustainably farmed tuna, so your conscience can rest easy as you tuck in! The Hon Maguro Akami Sashimi ($20.80) features three deep red pieces of lean tuna sashimi. Though considered to be less premium than its fattier Chuturo and Ootoro counterparts, I quite enjoyed these slices for their definite freshness and firmer, meatier texture.

SUN style Goma Salmon ($15.80) is based on the popular Goma Saba dish from Fukoka prefecture. SUN's take has delicate cuts of salmon sashimi sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds served with a dip of soy sauce, spring onions and an onsen egg. Coat the thin silvers of fish with this luscious egg mixture and what you get is an euphoric sukiyaki style raw egg dip effect. This is positively addictive, and I am 100% convinced this is one of the best ways ever to eat sashimi!

Originating from the same area is the Kurobuta Yakiniku Mentaiko Kamameshi ($23.80). The name sure is a mouthful, and for food reason too, for there's a lot that goes into this heated iron pot! First you have the sauteed slices of Kagoshima's rare breed of black pig, next is the spicy cod roe that has been matured for 168 hours, and all over a bed of seasoned steamed rice mixed with green beans and ginger. As with a dear local favourite claypot rice, you can look forward to those coveted burnt rice bits at the bottom! Alternatively you can also end off by adding some warm broth from the kettle on the side.

Kyushu Nigiri 3 Kind Moriawase ($15.80) is a sushi trio from Kumamoto Prefecture. While the lean tuna is a known acquaintance, the other two ingredients are perhaps more unique. The Rosy sea bass is a white fish that is rich a fatty, definitely hard to dislike. On the other hand, the viscous and somewhat slimy cooked Akamoku seaweed paste is... more of an acquired taste. Well, there's comfort in the knowledge that its regarded as a superfood in Japan, right?

From Kagoshima prefecture comes my favourite, the Yawaraka Buta Kakuni and Daikon ($15.80). A quick translation: tender braised pork belly and radish in soy sauce and Kyushu Sochu (a local alcohol). The meat is faultlessly fall apart tender, with heavenly strips of fat that make you cast all thoughts of healthy eating aside the very instant they melt on your tongue. Having been painstakingly stewed in the sauce, the inherently sweet radish now bursts with all the absorbed flavours. This is one comforting bowl of pure goodness!

An immensely popular dish, the Tokusen Motsu Nabe ($17.80) is a harmony of beef offal with cabbage and chives in a katsuo, ginger and garlic soup stock. Served raw, the ingredients bubble away in a hotpot for around ten minutes before you can dig into this hearty, homely affair!

Te-Nobe Tonkotsu Miso Ramen ($14.80) is a speciality that comes from the heart of Nagasaki. The noodles are hand pulled, resulting in thin and smooth strands that can surely be slurped down far too quickly for your own good. The pork bone broth is more subdued than most, making this a surprisingly light dish, especially with the inclusion of the preserved vegetables. This is all topped off with generous portions of thick slices pork belly!

Japanese desserts are always meticulous curation of flavour, and the Amasa Hikaeme Caramel Satsuma Imo Mont Blanc is no exception! Instead of chestnut, sweet potato cream swirls encase the custard centre. Being at just the right level of sweetness and with a tinge of the roasted aromatic element of caramel, not to mention beautifully presented, one can overlook the slightly too sturdy tart shell supporting this petite dessert!

FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED exclusives: From now till 31 September, Quote "fundamentally-flawed" when footing your bill to enjoy 20% discount! 

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#03-15 Wheelock Place

Written and Photographer by Jordan Ong. Jordan finds happiness in the simple: to eat and drink and find satisfaction in all her toil. Besides a deep love for artisan bread, she also has a taste for adventure, activism and anything alternative.

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